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Neil's Journal - Starting June 07

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2007/06/08 10:58:03 (permalink)

Neil's Journal - Starting June 07

Hi, my name is Neil. I'm 31 and live near Nottingham in England. I've been reading this and other forums for a few weeks in the hope that I can gain enough information to help me turn my current sorry excuse for a body into a fit and healthy one. I'm one of those people who can eat anything without putting any weight on, well until about two years ago when my 34" waste went to a 40" almost overnight! The problem is I'm 6'4" and carry it well so most people guess I'm only a 34" waist or less in some cases! Until fairly recently my diet was awful. It consisted or chocolate bars, chrisps, fast food and most other nasties that you shouldnt base your whole diet on! As of a month ago I've only had one chocolate bar a week and not eaten fast food in nearly two months. My overall food intake has been alot better.

My goals are the following:

Improve overall fitness and stamina.
Get waist down to at least 36"
Gain lean muscle/cut fat to attain an athletic physique.
Keep living a heather lifestyle!

I've not measured myself, besides my waist and weight. I'll get the other measurements ASAP.

Height 6'4"
Waist 40"
Weight 205lbs

I started my journey on Tuesday (5/6/2007) when I went to the local gym with a friend. I managed some basic weight exercisers and some cardio but had to stop as I was getting dizzy. I'll list down my routine later on. I also went for a run last night (7/6/2007) and managed about 1K around the local park, running on the grass. Didnt go too badly, however my breathing was all over the place. So I'll have to work on that.

Here's my planned workout over a 3 day split:

day 1

flat barbell benchpress
incline dumbell bench
seated dumbell shoulder press
barbell curls (ez?)

day 2

bent over rows
lat pull down (or chins)
skull crushers

day 3
calf raises
ab work

Its fairly simple at this stage as I don't want to overwork myself. Hopefully it should cover most of the areas I need to work and give me a good foundation. I'll be working out on Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday most weeks.

Initial questions:

1. If I eat a fairly healthy diet but don't really tailor it for building muscle will I still see gains?

2. Does the workout routine look OK. Should I change anything.

3. When lifing how do I figure out what weight I should lift?

4. I usually lack motivation if I don't see a benifit to something. Please keep my spirits up until I get going :)

I'll leave it at that for now. I'll add my measurements later.

Thanks for reading :)

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    RE: Neil's Journal - Starting June 07 2007/06/08 12:05:49 (permalink)
    Welcome to Muscletalk!

    ...and good luck with your journal.


    1) In the early stages, i say yes.

    2) I would move curls to Day2 and skullcrushers to Day1, so it's more of a push/pull/legs routine. Some more info here: CLICK HERE!

    3) Simply start off low and add weight untill you reach a point you feel is pushing you. Over the course of a few sessions you will begin to work out what's right for you via trial and error.

    4) Be patient!! Understand in your mind that you body does not just change in a matter of days, it takes time. If you feel motivation lacking then i used to find watching a bodybuilding video, reading magazines, etc, etc... all helped to pump it back up again. I also find keeping a journal a great help in that area.

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    RE: Neil's Journal - Starting June 07 2007/07/03 14:56:01 (permalink)

    Things havent been going to well. Since starting the Journal I've only managed to hit the gym a couple of times and take a few short runs around the park. I think I'm at a point where I'll be able to make a proper start now, as before I didnt realise just how much stuff I had going on in my life. I've already started managing my time so I'll have two weekday evenings and Sunday night free for training.

    I've changed my short term goals as I have a 9 1/2 week period before I go to Centre Parks on holiday with some friends. I currently weight 205lbs and would like to lose around 14lbs before I go. Besides keeping an eye on what I eat I'll be running at least 3 times a week, around the local park. The weights side of things may suffer as I wont be able to hit the gym as much as I'd like however I'm working on getting a homesetup of free weighs and a bench, plus I'll be doing pelnty of pressup's/crunchs to help my development while the weights are being sorted.

    Any further tips or advice is greatly appreciated. I've got a goal and a time fram and I'm going to make it happen.

    Hpefully my next update will be alot better than this one!
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