New contract at work

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2011/04/02 12:58:53 (permalink)

New contract at work

I've basically been promoted and with the promotion comes a bonus £7500 a year payrise, and a better company vehicle.  All sounds great, except there's a little issue with one point in my contract.  It's worded differently, but basically says I can no longer take part in Thai Boxing or any other contact or combat sports.
I've obviously signed it as it's a massive pay increase, etc... but was just wondering what you guys would do?  Would you sign it and forget about your hobby (which you'd planned on competing in) and move onto something else, or would you say f££k it, don't want the promotion and continue with your goal?? 

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    Re:New contract at work 2011/04/02 13:06:00 (permalink)
    if they are paying you a decent wage and good company car etc, then i think its reasonable of them to expect you not to turn up to work with black eyes etc!
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    Re:New contract at work 2011/04/02 20:37:51 (permalink)
    Have you spoken to HR, to explain your concerns, just explain to them that if you are expecting to see customers then you will be sensible and not put yourself in a situation where you could potentially turn up to work with a black eye? They shouldnt be dictating what you are doing outside of work in my opinion, I would be a little put out if something like this came up for me. The obviously know that you excel at your job else they wouldnt of offered you the promotion so use that to your advantage!!
    I have gotten away with contratualy issue in the past, my current employer wanted me to sign a contract iterating that any technology I invent they get the patent. I refused to sign it, but had a good chat to the MD of the company and had an agreement of royalties.
    Any how good luck keep us posted
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    Re:New contract at work 2011/04/02 20:46:52 (permalink)
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    Do it anyway. If someone makes a fuss about a broken nose or whatever, just claim you walked into a door.
    You work in order to live... You shouldn't have to stop living in order to work!

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    Re:New contract at work 2011/04/02 23:11:04 (permalink)
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    Sign it, take the extra money and keep on training and competing.
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