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New to Weight Training

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2006/07/09 17:20:49 (permalink)

New to Weight Training

ok, i dunno where to start but here goes..

age: 18
height: 176 cm (hopefully i will grow more, do you think i will grow more?)
weight: 160-165 pounds

yeh, so i consider myself fat, and i want to gain as much muscle as could be..i dont care if i lose weight or not, i just want to gain muscle..
also i cant afford a gym and i cant afford anything above £30

anyway, i have 14 inch bars my plates are: 4X 5 kg, 4X 2.5 kg, 4 X 1.25 kg, 4X 0.5 kg.

Realistically, what can i accomplish with this equipment, if anything? (please can you tell me what exercises to do and how many in each session?)

Keep in mind that it is possible for me to do cardio i.e. running cos that doesnt cost any money, i just go out and run in the street..

Another thing is my dies cannot be perfect, but to my understanding, starving yoruself is not good, eating regularly is good (i.e. every 2-3 hours), protein is very important, fruits and veggies are also..i should eat carbs after workouts extra, and also fat must be included in my daily diet..these things are the basis of a good diet and if i follow them, i should be fine..

ps: i smoke roll-ups, about 15 a day

the problem is i cant buy a really good bench with incline or decline cos here in the UK they are pretty expensive...and even looking at the good researched home gym equipment that toxic guy posted in this forum, i still cant afford £400, cos im spending that money on driving this summer..

my usual exercise pattern is this..

I do 3 sets of 10 reps (this might sound unimpressive to you but in February i swer to god, i struggled with just one!!! so this is an improvement i think) i will also increase it as time goes by
Concentration Curl
this is a bicep curl but with one arm..i do 3 set of 6 reps, 10 kgs
Tricep exercise
i do this either above my head or lying down, so far i cant move up past 5 kgs
16 Kg total
i do this lying down in the crunch position..i have two dumbells above my head and then lift my shoulders and body a few cm above the ground..i can do 14 kg total
another exercie is i stand straight, feet about 14 inches apart and then i bend to the side, i can do 15-20 kg with this one

I will later add back and shoulders..

I want to know two things:

1) can this exercise pattern be improved (state how and what equipment to buy, ill try to find something second hand)

2) everytime i do an exercise and i up my weight for example move from 10 kg to 11 kg, my muscles the next day hurt like crazy and then my work out is delayed 3-4 days for recovery which is not good at all, i want to be able to lift every other day and at the same time keep lifting this normal that my muscles hurt? am i doing something wrong..

ps: i stretch BEFORE the workout

i stress again, i just want strength in muscles, i dont care how fat i look..also i dont care about bicep or appearance or whatever, i just want overall good strength..

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    RE: New to Weight Training 2006/07/09 20:47:15 (permalink)
    Ever looked on craigs list?

    You can buy stuff on there cheap, even free in many cases. Check it every day and I bet you can find a cheap bench in due time.
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