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New to creatine

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2009/07/23 21:37:29 (permalink)

New to creatine

Im considering giving creatine a shot, been traing for about a year solid and made some good gains.
Currently on a cut, diet is very very clean and have been on my diet for about 3 months, lost about 52 Lbs so far.
Currently 180lbs, 5 10, about 9% BF
Can you guys give me some advice, like when to take it? how to take it? any brand/make you would recommend? Will it effect my weight loss? Ive heard it makes you retain water!! how/howWill it effect my cutting?
Im a complete novice so all the advice you have will be great.
P.S I read the article on MT already!
Need any info, let me know

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    Re:New to creatine 2009/07/23 23:11:07 (permalink)
    Check the Creatine Article on the website it will answer all your questions you have!

    Where in porstmouth do you train?
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    Re:New to creatine 2009/07/23 23:45:58 (permalink)
    Hi nasty

    I recommend you reading this article, it tell you all you need to know about creatine


    Creatine does help and i noticed some extra strength while i was taking it. The only bad thing is that your body gets used to it so it becomes less effective with time, refer to the loading phase in the article.

    As for the brand and all that, myprotein are doing unflavored monohydrate creatine £13.95 for 1kg which is plenty when it comes to creatine, personally i could not stomach it so i would go for something like SizeOn by gaspari
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    Re:New to creatine 2009/07/24 00:45:22 (permalink)
    I had good gains and it helped a ton with recovery times but I ever really bothered to cycle it and stayed on for months (oops).

    Stopped using it recently and looked a lot less bloated, dropped a few lbs water weight and the difference was clearly visible around my torso. I dont know how long it takes for the water retention to go, but with me it wasn't long, just a few days maybe. When I came off I lost no strength atall, although I did feel quite a bit more lethargic in the gym at work, but it's not fair to say this was the creatine, Id put it down to the carb/calorie deficit in my diet due to my cut.

    BSN Cellmass is what Im currently using and it's a great product. Applied Nutriceuticals Neovar is the only other one I rate highly aswell because I retained a lot less water on it over any other type.

    I'll be cycling 1 month on, 1 month off and paying more attention to how I feel/look after I've been on holiday.

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    Re:New to creatine 2009/07/24 13:13:56 (permalink)
    NASTY - go with myprotein's creatine mono first as mentioned above, dont get 1kg incase you dont respond to it, i recommend you get 100g first and run it @ 5g a day, that will last 20 days you should know by then if its working for you or not, then you can buy more.

    Non training days - take 5g in morning

    Training days - take 5g pre wo
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    Re:New to creatine 2009/07/24 13:18:03 (permalink)
    times 2 last post
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    Re:New to creatine 2009/07/24 22:08:31 (permalink)
    Thanks for the advice guys! How will the creatine effect my diet? Will it make me look bloated?
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    Re:New to creatine 2009/07/25 00:34:56 (permalink)
    makes you look a little bit fuller muscle wise.  Its one of the best IOC legal supplements as it does actually work, though dont expect miracles.

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    Re:New to creatine 2009/07/25 18:07:41 (permalink)
    Creatine use can be linked closely to getting stoked, hench and tonk
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