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Newbie Workout

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2006/07/08 22:19:07 (permalink)

Newbie Workout

Hi all,

I am designing a fitness routine to use both in the gym and at home. I currently weigh 16.13 stone and I am 6’2” tall. I am looking primarily to lose weight and then to put on muscle mass. As it stands I am pretty grossly over weight and really want to do something about this. First goal, ultimatley has to be fat loss.

I have access to a ‘commercial gym’ with a variety of weights, Smith Machine, benches etc. There is no proper squatting rack.
At home I have a sturdy bench, dumbells and a barbell.

I would be extremely grateful to hear people’s opinion on my proposed workout plan. I am currently studying all the information on this site in relation to diet. I have started to purchase more ‘wholesome’ food and am getting used to that before I start on complicated meal plans.

(Cardio done using the general pattern of 2 min normal effort then 1 min flat out – repeating).

(All weight exercises are done using 5 reps and 5 sets)

Please be gentle as I am a newbie!

Day 1

Barbell Curl
Skull Crusher
Standing Military Press
Bent Over Barbell Row

Swiss Ball Crunches

Day 2

Day 3
20 mins Cardio warm up.

Squat (I only have the Smith machine at my gym. Will this suffice to start with? I have seen people doing this exercise with no machine but this scares me!)

Dumbbell Rear Lunge

Leg Press Machine

Swiss Ball Crunches

Day 4

Day 5
Assisted Pullups
Triceps Pulldowns (using rope)
Lat Pull Downs (Using machine)
Dumbbell Press or Bench Press
Dumbbell Flies

Swiss Ball Crunches

Day 6

Day 7

Swiss Ball Crunches

Can I fit more cardio into this plan - ie on rest days?

PS- does anyone know how much the York spinlock collar barbell weighs on it’s own?

Many Thanks

Lord British

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    RE: Newbie Workout 2006/07/08 22:24:15 (permalink)
    given your objective, if i were you i would go for a 2 day weight training split and build in more cardio.

    also get the diet right!
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    RE: Newbie Workout 2006/07/09 13:17:29 (permalink)
    If your primary objective is to lose weght then you need to get the diet right first.
    Then base any routine you plan around lots and lots of cardio.You might even want to leave weight lifting alone until you get to your desired weight and start from there.I've spoken to a few people who have done it this way and 1 in particular who tried it the other way(lots of weights and a little cardio) but then stopped lifting so he could concentrate on cardio to get his weight down first.
    Lots of swimming and cycling.Diet.Sleep.
    After a few months when you're lighter start some bodyweight resistance training then move up to weights.You'll be fitter and in better condition than if you started lifting now.
    Anyway thats my advice for what its worth.However you decide to do your thing,good luck...
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    RE: Newbie Workout 2006/07/09 15:45:11 (permalink)
    1. Im not a fan of working the tricep and bicep the same day as you have designed. I believe it best to work back/bis one day and chest/tris another and legs/abs/shoulders on the 3rd day.
    2. Where are your deadlifts?

    A routine around the lifts you want above would be
    Flat Bench
    Skull Crushers
    Deadlifts 3x6
    pullups or 'lat pull downs' // you dont need both
    BB Rows or DB Rows
    Bicep isolation
    Squat or legpress
    OH press
    Calf raises

    Add abs any day you want. I like mine when i do my CV. Always do tricep lifts before biceps if you plan to bench as the bicep is recruited while benching. Also make sure to get plenty of rest. You could take 2 days off after any day1. During the 'off' time you would do cardio. Go heavy with the deadlifts. They burn a crap load of calories and really make you strong.... Im sure im missing something, but i gota sleep

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