Newbie, any tips/advice?

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2007/06/20 01:17:44 (permalink)

Newbie, any tips/advice?

Hi guys.

Always been an intermittent gym user, last year I started going 3 times a week from February to about May and in this time I went from a 38" to 36" waist and dropped a shirt size from XL to L. It was nice to see changes, and all was all going well, but then the dreaded missed session turned into a missed week, the week became a month etc. etc.

Overall my weight dropped from about 18st to 16.5st and then this crept back up to 17st which I attributed to the weight training I was doing and the fact I was doing strenuous work as a builders' labourer - lots of lifting and grafting!

Now despite my year-long hiatus from the gym I've not gone back up in size as expected - my weight has remained constant at around 17st, and a month or so back I even weighed in at nearer 16.5st but overall despite a few fluctuations my weight has remained around the same mark.

Well tonight I went back to the gym for the first time in about a year - spurred on by the feeling that my life was becoming very stale and routine. A few bad things have also happened recently and I just fancied a break from vegetating in front of the computer and instead doing something constructive. At the gym I bumped into my brother who is the complete opposite of me - comparatively smaller frame yet very experienced and knowledgable in exercising methods, cardiovascular, weight training - etc.

Did a good 1h 20m session, spending about 20-30 mins on CV and the rest doing some free weights with my bro - prob about 25 minutes on weights due to taking turns etc so about a 50/50 split.

The main thing I want to achieve going back to the gym is to get rid of a few flabby spots, namely my beer gut, the moobs and the love handles. I think the main reason I have these problem areas is because in the past I've spent too long doing weight training and not enough time on weightloss. I have a varied diet but I have a healthy appetite, so while I don't eat an excessive amount of a bad thing, I just eat a fair amount of everything!

I want to use training not just to get rid of the flabby bits but also to reveal what might be lurking beneath there. Basically I want to be able to look at my body in the mirror and see something to be proud of. I'm not arsed about looking like an Arnie or Stallone in their respective hey-days.... just a bit of mass and definition. I know I'm always going to be a broad guy, I'm just big-framed and I know that's something I can't change.

By day I work as an electrician and spend most days on my feet sweating away in roofspaces or up ladders - so my day job does a good job of maintaining my current condition despite my diet.

Right now (after buzzing from going back to the gym) I have in my snap bag tomorrow, a home-made turkey stir-fry for lunch, a wholemeal bread roll to go with it along with a carton of semi-skimmed milk and a bottle of mineral water to drink. There's also a packet of chicken noodles as a snack - in case I get an attack of the munchies. I'm aiming to go with a diet that has plenty of meat/fish (I love meat and fish) and fruit and vegetables. I like starchy stuff as well - bread, potatoes, pasta etc... are these kinds of foods frowned up in these circles or do they have their uses/benefits?

I'm also joining my bro (he visits the gym 3/4 times a week) and we've agreed to go training together. Right now the plan (for me at least) is to do maybe 60 - 80 mins a session, splitting the time 50/50 between cardiovascular and weight-training.

Does this sound okay considering what I want to achieve - some weight loss and some muscle gain/toning/definition?

Also in the way of supplements, I know proteins are important as the building blocks of muscle - I am a qualified biochemist as it goes. But as always, there's knowledge, and then there's experience, and it's you guys on here who have a wealth of experience and thus superior knowledge. From what I've read on the site so far everything seems to point to Whey as the best source of protein outside of the regular diet? And what about creatine?

Basically I'm just after some simple tips/pointers/advice on what to use supplement-wise. I know everybody has their own opinions, and I also have no interest in getting my head buried deep in literature and research on nutritional supplements - been there done that. As far as training goes I'm just a typical guy who wants to make progress towards my goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

If anyone can help me with that it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the novel-size opening post!

Regards, any responses appreciated,

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    RE: Newbie, any tips/advice? 2007/06/20 09:16:46 (permalink)
    Please post up your current diet in better form.

    The only supplement you should really be using is whey right straight after you train


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    RE: Newbie, any tips/advice? 2007/06/20 09:21:03 (permalink)
    Welcome to MT.

    Some reading here for you...

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