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Newbie bulking diet plan help please!

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2011/04/06 18:43:01 (permalink)

Newbie bulking diet plan help please!

I've posted this up before so Im sorry about that but Ive come to a bit of a brick wall in terms of what i can find out and hope i can get some help now. Heres the diet ive put together and thanks for your input, i appreciate that. Sorry about the personal notes, like Lidl prices, and the fact that i am totally clueless about fats and havent listed many of them. Fats have my head spinning (how much, what epa/dha ratio, etc.etc. i am clueless!) and I dont know how to calculate them for different items such as butters, oils etc.
I am 29 years old,  6ft 1, 12 stone 9, 177lbs, looking to gain mass. The figures Ive calculated from reading as much as i can are:
266g protein per day 
354g carbs
68g fat  
3050 cals

MEAL ONE 6.30am

Shake with 90g oats  (8p Lidl) Dried Fruit, skimmed milk, honey, 30g whey, flax seed powder/evooo/peanut butter
4 eggs omelette with onion and garlic (37p Iceland) (16 g protein)
36g protein   63g carbs   61p
add now digestive enzymes/barley grass for digestion


88g Wholegrain rice (5p Lidl) with 117g chicken/turkey/fish (75p Iceland). assorted green leafy and cruciferous veg (25p Lidl)
68g carbs 35g protein  £1.05

MEAL THREE 1 11.30am

122g Salmon/cod or other dense fish (£1 Youngs from Tesco) with wholegrain noodles or rice
 100g (5p) stir fry veggies (25p Lidl) () Groundnut oil
Small avocado salad (30p) 
Handful Nuts (25p)
33g protein, 70g carbs £1.85  

MEAL FOUR 2.30pm

Chicken Curry with wholegrain rice (slow carb) and veg (£1.30 Lidl and Iceland) (120g chicken, 100g rice)
Fruit salad (20p Lidl)
Handful Nuts and Seeds inc Flax (25p)
36g protein, 70g carbs £1.75

Pre WO 4pm (45 to 30 mins before workout)

Whey shake made with the Peptide Fusion for different time release and BCAAs
Banana (fast digesting carb to power workout)
Skimmed milk
30g protein  55p


During workout


PWO  shake 5.45pm

30g Whey
30g Dextrose
Water  30p
MEAL FIVE (PWO) 7pm (1-1.5 hours after workout)

Ragu made with 200g lean beef mince (£1 Iceland) served with baked sweet potato
134g with veggies (50p Lidl) (36g protein, 50g carbs) Apple £1.50


 Pro Peptide smoothie with quark/cottage cheese, evoo/avocado oil, Peanut Butter, and semi skimmed milk


Whey Protein Concentrate
Reflex Peptide Fusion
Creapure from Bulk Powders
Multivit and mineral
Fish oils
now super enzymes
How does that sound? its a first stab hopefully not too far wide of the mark. As i say im a bit clueless with fat quantities and ratios, and the whole things quite heavy on rice because i get bloated on pasta, and sweet potato is expensive. Many thanks for any suggestions

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    Re:Newbie bulking diet plan help please! 2011/04/06 20:30:51 (permalink)
    Doesn,t look to bad mate, will be a case of monitor and adjust.....You dont need creatine during your workout, what quantity are you taking?...Personally would take it in the morning then in your PWO shake as you are doing.
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    Re:Newbie bulking diet plan help please! 2011/04/06 20:39:42 (permalink)
    im not taking anything at the moment because i havent even started working out! i would really love some advice on fat ratios and how to balance them in my diet, plus a calculator for the various fats in butters, oils, meats etc. so i can work that out. the other and probably biggest conundrum is working out a protein/carb/fat ratio thats because protein is advised at 1.5, carbs at 2, which leaves the fats comparatively low but if i up them im then overexceeding the calorie level that ive calculated and risk fat gain. so do i drop the carbs or the protein to fit in more fats?
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