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Next cycle

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2005/07/24 16:36:55 (permalink)

Next cycle

Im gonna do this in about 3 weeks

Weeks1-6 Dbol 35mg a day
Weeks1-12 TestE 500mg a week
Weeks1-11 Eq 200mg every 3 days(ie. roughly 450mg a week)

PCT 2 weeks after last test shot, of Nolva & Clomid Week 15,16,17,18,19
Clomid-Day1 300mg/ Days2-18 100mg/ days 19-35 50mg a day AND nolva at 20mg a day throughout the 35 days

Creatine Mono Weeks 14-22
HCG 500 iu's every 5 days Weeks8-13 ( If needed)
Milk Thistle for liver 1gram a day, proscar at 1mg a day (start today) for hair (and prostate).

Im thinkin of usin dbol again (ie. Weeks11&12)at the end if i havnt reached the size i want, and provided my liver is able for it.Im gonna get blood screenings the day before i start and again at week 4 and 7 to check how my livers doin.Also I was thinkin of frontloadin the EQ, since its supposed to be used over a long period to get full advantage from it. Would it be wise to do that?

Any input on things I could add or remove to improve the cycle would be welcome.thanks

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    RE: Next cycle 2005/07/24 17:44:15 (permalink)

    Frontloading the EQ is something I would acvocate, otherwise it will take around 6 weeks to peak. However you are using dbol for the first 6 weeks so that would coincide nicely. It depends how anabolic you want to be for the first 6 weeks I guess.
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    RE: Next cycle 2005/07/24 22:48:43 (permalink)
    Sounds like a heavy cycle bro, dbol for 6 weeks I hope your liver will be ok

    best of luck mate, look forward to hearing your progress

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    RE: Next cycle 2005/07/24 23:23:50 (permalink)
    cycle looks fine to me bro, although i'd only run the dbol 4-5 weeks, 6 weeks is pushing it, but if you feel you can handle the sides and are still gaining from it then by all means keep it in there for an extra week or 2, just keep an eye on blood pressure as i started running into problems after week 4 on my 1st cycle
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    RE: Next cycle 2005/07/24 23:27:02 (permalink)
    6 weeks dbol at 35mg ed is fine imho
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