Nolva, what if?

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2009/07/30 07:30:06 (permalink)

Nolva, what if?

I recently purchased some Nolva which I intend to use after my upcoming Epi cycle, however it started me thinking.
Please bear in mind I am not a scientist or a Dr, and I am speaking aloud the basic thoughts running through my head, so please don't shoot me down.
Being male and made up of the XY chromosone I would assume this is the reason for having to rely on Nolva for PCT.  Too much test in, lowers or stops your own production, however we are still producing a small level of eastrogen (sp).
If that were the case, if I were to take Nolva not as a pct, but just alongside my CEE, would this lower my Eastrogen (sp) level and in turn allow my body to benefit more from my bodies own test production?
Personally I have little to no body hair, none on my chest, and only very feint on my arms/legs, and I do carry excess fat on my chest and stomach only.  Is this possibly because I naturally have a high eastrogen level?
Trying not too come accross as to naive on this one, but I hope it's taken as intended.

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    Re:Nolva, what if? 2009/07/30 08:21:43 (permalink)
    Nothing naive about your post mate - what you're suggesting about nolva is only the same principle along which many companies make many millions - the so called 'natural' test booster. Using nolva to raise test levels is a perfectly reasonable suggestion, and one that would likely work to some extent, probably similar in effect to the likes of cissus-drol or novedex xt for example (= pretty mild).

    Oestrogen is produced by the conversion of test via the aromatase enzyme, if you artificially lower or control oestrogen levels using a serm like nolva or an AI like arimidex, your body will compensate by producing more test (it is hoping to therefore produce more oestrogen - although you have this controlled).

    As for whether or not you have a high oestrogen level - we are all genetically predisposed to have more or less hair, and to deposit fat in different areas - imo it is highly unlikely that high oestrogen is to blame for what you describe.
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    Re:Nolva, what if? 2009/07/30 10:46:40 (permalink)
    The reason for using nolva within PCT is due to it's selective agonist/antagonistic effects on oestrogen receptors. 

    Nolva will only really help normalise levels of oestrogen so will only work if there is an excess of the hormone, which is the case when using steroids.

    What you're after is a 'test booster' plenty of good products available, which often work via different mechanisms (different ingredients)

    A lack of body hair could simply be down to how your hair follicles react to testosterone, not how much testosterone you actually have.  The only sure way of knowing your test levels is to have a blood test

    Deposition of fat in different areas is also down to genetics.  It could simply be due to having extra alpha receptors in the 'fatty' areas.  If you carry fat in your lower chest region, this is also common and is often termed 'pseudo-gyno'

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