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Numbness in little finger.

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2014/10/26 09:25:50 (permalink)

Numbness in little finger.

After completing a heavy set yesterday whilst in the shower my little finger suddenly started to feel numb,pins and needles type of thing. I'm used to aches and pains after but this is different it has gone away slightly but its still there. I have had cts in this hand before(down to the gym) but again this is something new and worrying.Anybody else been here before and if so what's next?

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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2014/11/05 16:53:23 (permalink)
    I have been getting this lately, mostly in my left hand and only from heavy pulling movements.
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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2014/11/05 17:58:36 (permalink)
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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2014/11/05 18:21:46 (permalink)
    i get this from my tendonitis (shoulders)
    prob best to ask a doctor

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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2014/11/07 10:29:31 (permalink)
    If it continues then I would get some medical advice on it, better safe ....

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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2014/11/08 19:15:50 (permalink)
    Possibly cubital tunnel, i get carpal when i hit gh peps which affect the index and forefinger.
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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2014/12/27 14:27:06 (permalink)
    Carpal tunnel, Ive been getting this in my right hand for years now. Due to being a joiner and using vibrating power tools and nail guns on a daily basis.
    If it gets too bad to cope with its a simple operation to sort it out. Into hospital, get it done and out the same day my Dr told me.
    I can live with it for now though...
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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2015/06/20 03:58:25 (permalink)
    I have the numbness in both hands which has me gravely concerned.  After 40 years of weight-training, why the hell the numbness and weakness?  I believe it has to do with my brain. I did have a convulsive attack a while back due to the pain meds that I was taking and I've discontinued those prescriptions of vicodin and gabapentin which I believe caused the convulsive attack.  DON"T MIX YOUR MEDS!  Has to be.  So, I've scheduled an appointment for a brain scan(MRI) on Wednesday, June 24th.  I'm praying that it's just nerve damage and not emanating from my brain.  If so, I'll bronze my weight belt and take up yoga.
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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2015/09/08 20:22:30 (permalink)
    My left hand has had pins and needles for a month now . More or less constantly
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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2015/09/11 08:23:20 (permalink)
    Guys, I would not say carpal tunnel at all I would say more likely cubital tunnel caused by compression of the ulnar nerve, this can cause tingling in the little finger, plus to a degree the fourth finger too. I have found myself with this in the past when I have hit back training hard consistently that requires my flexor (forearm) muscles to have been pushed and pushed due to the extra gripping. Frequently the tingling can be due to tight and imbalanced forearms. Even the guy who has been holding equipment, before running down the surgery route, I would assess the imbalance in your forearms. Your job describes someone who grips for a living. I had this really bad such that it felt my ulnar nerve was being compressed even when I wasn't doing anything. I don't have it now... I'm not saying all cases are the same, however don't immediately think there is a sinister reason for your issue. Doctors I'm afraid are not good in these cases, I was told I had carpal tunnel for some hand numbness a few years ago. Actually what I had was nerve compression due to tight muscles in my chest. I saw a sports physio and low and behold with the right stretches, no more problem. Most doctors are not experienced in these areas, in my opinion.
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    Re: Numbness in little finger. 2015/10/31 04:37:04 (permalink)
    It's bronzing time for my weight belt.  I'm going to and apply for disability next month.
    My right hand and arm is useless and I'm down to using what's left of my left hand to write.
    I saw all the warning signs, but I didn't heed them.  I'm really going to miss the gym.
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