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2017/05/14 17:33:20 (permalink)

Nut Butters

This isn't really a recipe more a tip but I love the fancy Nut butters I get a bit bored of the plain PB, The problem is they are so expensive. 
400g Tubs for £8 that sort of thing.
Anyway after some research I decided id make my own. Its so simple. You lay out a bit of money at the start but you can make loads.
Base Ingredients
I bought 4KG of Meridan Organic Peanut butter for £10 (see offers thread I posted it about a week ago). If no offers are on you can easily pick up a good PB for around £4 a kilo from one of the bulk suppliers.
Anyway next I bought 500g or organic cacao powder from Amazon for £6. 500g grams lasts you ages you only need about 10g per 400g jar for a strong Chocolate taste. You will also need some more oil as I like to experiment and add things or it will be to dry otherwise. You only need a small bit ,I use coconut oil or almond oil. Asda sell a runny coconut oil for a couple of quid. 
How to create your base. Put some peanut butter in a jar and add some Cacao , oil and something to sweeten and mix it . Simple.
  I used old jars added the PB and Cacao and thats the base. Now the Chocolate is bitter so to sweeten I used agave syrup but you can use honey or maple syrup. The taste is fantastic.
Once you have a chocolate base (obviously you dont have to use Chocolate but thats what im using as its a great taste and very healthy)
Ive now made some jars adding organic desiccated coconut making a lovely Choc coconut PB. 
also a sort of super food type thing Chia seeds, flax, protein powder Choc PB. 
Maple syrup and Cinnamon is a another. 
Ive made a sort of unhealthy one adding small marshmallows and crushed up ritz salty biscuits makes it a Smores PB just gorgeous on a toasted bagel.  
The list is endless and so simple and you have total control of what goes in. 
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Re: Nut Butters 2017/05/14 19:34:51 (permalink)☄ Helpfulby redwing 2017/05/15 00:16:31
Ive been doing this for a while and its great. As you say, its simple to create your own and if you just look at the ingredients of the bulk suppliers butters you can mimic them at home.
PB, cacao, coconut oil and salt is great - sweetened with a  bit of truvia (on offer at tesco and ASDA just now) gives it a good sweetness.
Another one to try is almond butter, coconut oil, truvia and desiccated coconut :)
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Re: Nut Butters 2017/05/14 20:41:14 (permalink)
PB, Waldens Farms 0kcal Caramel Syrup and a sprinkle of Maldons sea salt

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Re: Nut Butters 2017/05/15 00:18:26 (permalink)
PB, Waldens Farms 0kcal Caramel Syrup and a sprinkle of Maldons sea salt

the salt makes such a difference. May have to try that
Gonna try gusj one as well 
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Re: Nut Butters 2017/05/17 08:39:49 (permalink)
50g of chocolate casein protein From Bodybuilding warehouse, 100g of smooth peanut butter again from BBW, a couple of scoops of electrolytes... Blend it up, and you have liquid Reeces Peanut Butter cups! Thank me later!

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Re: Nut Butters 2017/05/17 11:11:40 (permalink)☄ Helpfulby gusj 2017/07/14 15:34:29
And if your looking for a low fat, high protein peanut butter for when you don't want the cals, I just mix powdered PB with cottage cheese (plus any sweeteners/flavourings if your after a flavoured variety).

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