Obvious Arms

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2009/07/20 22:50:57 (permalink)

Obvious Arms

Quick question, I'm into my eleventh week of consistent training.
My other half earlier this evening told me that although I am putting on weight, my arms are exactly the same as they were before and she is right.  She then told me maybe I'm one of those people who just isn't meant to look bigger, shock!!
So my question, roughly how long or what sort of weights are involved in having arms that are obviously weight lifting arms?
To be more specific, some people when their arms are just hanging down, have muscle showing without any flexing.  In this position, I have the same skinny arms I had to start with.
Just curious as to for the average person, when muscle starts to show on unflexed arms.  I have skinny arms so no fat hiding it etc.

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    Re:Obvious Arms 2009/07/20 23:34:21 (permalink)
    I've been training for 2 years and I started with 13inch arms....currently 15 or 15.5inchs

    To some people this is obvious, to others it's not....I fall into the latter catagory.

    take that as you will
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    Re:Obvious Arms 2009/07/21 00:56:33 (permalink)
    you could see results pretty quickly mate, if you post up your workout we will be able to see if sumthing is rong.
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    Re:Obvious Arms 2009/07/21 01:33:22 (permalink)
    A couple of years I'd say

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    Re:Obvious Arms 2009/07/21 01:47:16 (permalink)
    Depends how fat you are.

    Ive been slim for a while now so even 13'' arms stood out for me as 'oh do you work out?'.

    Ive added over an inch in the last few months and get more comments because they look big in a tshirt for my frame.

    "I believe in taking care of myself" - Patrick Bateman
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    Re:Obvious Arms 2009/07/21 09:19:46 (permalink)
    I've probably added aeound 2 inchs to my arms in just over a year, and my arms look untrained :( just depends on genetics.

    I do a lot of push ups and sit ups. And I drink plenty of milk.

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    Re:Obvious Arms 2009/07/21 09:56:05 (permalink)
    Ive added a couple of inches in a couple of years, takes a lot of time and effort to get to where you want.

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    Re:Obvious Arms 2009/07/21 11:48:50 (permalink)
    I started with 12.5" arms and took them up to 14.5" in about 2 years....THey stayed that way for a long time and then suddenly went up to 15.5" in the last year....

     I think bodyfat matters a lot....

     You could have 19" arms with no shape or 15" arms that look chiselled and vascular..

     The over all conditioned/trained look is what is most visually effective....

     As Red_Alert said,you get the "Do you workout?" response...

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    Re:Obvious Arms 2009/07/21 13:56:07 (permalink)
    For me, my arms were my weak link, everything else develops reasonably well, well, except my calfs lol, but ive been battering them for approx 3 months now and....

    three days ago was walking my dog nice and early round near our tesco, caught i sight of my reflection and was very impressed!!!!!

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    Re:Obvious Arms 2009/07/21 19:30:34 (permalink)
    Thanks for all the answers, much appreciated and all good for putting my mind at rest on this one!

    I shall crack on as before! :-)

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