Old school member back!

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2015/03/04 18:09:05 (permalink)

Old school member back!

Hi again fellas,
I was quite active on this site for a number of years, first joining in 2001, then I was active until 2006. Since 2006, I was somewhat active sporadically, which matched my training efforts.
I am 30 years old now, and have competed in powerlifting at a National level, and rugby at a decent level. I am currently training in martial arts, although more as a hobby, whilst still keeping a hand in with the strength side of things.
Few things that are very poignant to me about this forum.
1) Finding MT in its infancy and being incredibly confused about training (I was 16!). I was training for rugby and was a decent, tough player but far too skinny. My mission was to get strong. My rugby coach took me to the side and said, "to get good at your style of rugby you're going to have to do a lot of weights". Well I quit rugby once I left school (after 12 years), but the training remained. I got some good advice on this site, and it had a very underground feeling to it back then.
2) People I conversed with, early days on guys like Trident, BBigman, Drab4 (RIP- cried when I heard the news even though we never talked he touched my life very positively), Johnny5, who was a devils advocate but extremely knowledgeable. Suspect he works for the forces now? 
3) The Manchester scene, the meetups. These were fantastic. Guys like Veganlifter, and a few others who#s names I can't recall. You know who you are. 2003-2006 era
4) Meeting James when I was going through a very hard time. Great, great bloke- seriously guys don't doubt him ever- his level of knowledge in this game is only matched by his level of gentlemanliness
5) TDawgJack RIP. We spoke on the phone a few times as I have had similar issues, and I wish I did more. If I knew what I do now, maybe I could have reached out to him and made a slight bit of difference. But I'm sure most of us feel similar.
Hopefully will try to help out- especially anything powerliting related as whilst I was never a star lifter, I've trained at the best PL clubs in the country and had some legendary mentors/coaches.
PS please don't try to guess my previous usernames, as I've moved on from some of the content I posted about before due to professional circumstances.

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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/04 18:12:02 (permalink)
    Hi there

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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/04 18:13:04 (permalink)
    Welcome back mate!
    I used to be BULK WHEY
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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/04 18:16:06 (permalink)
    Welcome back dude

    ...that's all folks
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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/04 18:32:29 (permalink)
    Welcome back
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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/04 18:37:19 (permalink)
    Hello mate. Good to have you back.
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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/04 20:40:49 (permalink)
    Hi mate, great that your back!
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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/04 21:25:35 (permalink)
    Welcome back. The more the merrier!
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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/05 09:17:20 (permalink)
    Welcome back.  Really nice to hear the positive things you feel about MT.  I don't know who you are, so please PM me your previous name!
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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/05 14:40:02 (permalink)
    Welcome home.

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    Re: Old school member back! 2015/03/05 18:16:34 (permalink)
    Welcome back.  Been popping back in more myself lately.

    All the things I say are what I have done and what I have found instead of what i have read.
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