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One month weight progression

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2014/12/19 12:08:23 (permalink)

One month weight progression

So here are my before and after lifts over my first month. After the - is my current lifts.

BB bench 72.5kg 2x6, 50kg 2x6 - 72.5kg 2x7 2x5 or 67.5kg 4x6 (depends on what order i do the workout in)
Bent over DB Row 22kg dbs 4x6 - 24kg db's 4x7 or 4x6 (depends on order again)
Incline db press 16 kg db's 3x10 - 20kg dbs 3x10
bb military press 35kg 4x6 - 37.5kg 2x10 35kg 1x10
chin ups (assisted) 18kg assistance for 3x8 - 2x11 (dropped a set due to fatigue)
side lat raise 6kg dbs 3x11 - 10kg dbs 3x6
tricep cable extension 26kg 3x8 - 28kg 3x10
ez bar curls 12.5kg (excluding bar weight) 3x10 - 15kg 3x10

squats 50kg 4x6 - 65kg 3x6
deads 60kg 4x6 - 80kg 3x6
leg press 50kg 3x10 - 62.5kg 3x10
leg curls 45kg 4x7 - 62.5kg 4x6
leg extensions 35kg 3x10 - 50kg 3x10

Ive gained 2-3lb in the month (fluctuates), i dont want to get fat as im around 15-18% bf as it is. I eat clean for the most part.
I feel im progressing ok but bench, db row, military and chin ups seem very slow. For example last upper day i did:

military press
chin ups
db row

In that order. I found after military press, my shoulders were pumped and it took a lot of energy. I then went to chin ups which werent too bad, but come to db row and i can feel fatigue in my biceps which affects my form. Similar with bench press, i feel it a bit in my shoulders and struggle to progress. I know its not a rushing game but i want weight progression to speed up. Ive not even added weight to the bar in a month on bench press. What gives?

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    Re: One month weight progression 2014/12/22 17:50:00 (permalink)
    Is this forum dead nowdays? 
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    Re: One month weight progression 2015/01/11 18:58:05 (permalink)
    For some reason the Beginners section isn't busy these days
    Progression: we all want progression to speed up.  it's consistency that's key - both in diet and training.  Keep at it and results will come.
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