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2014/10/01 13:30:58 (permalink)


So, I've just seen this video of former Mr New Zealand. It shows how his body is 'shutting down' and he now struggles to speak, sometimes loses balance, his heart is also failing... It's been blamed on his steroid usage and lifestyle, he's 38.
It'd be interesting to hear everyone's view on how the media perceives steroids?
Link to video:

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    Re: Opinions? 2014/10/01 13:43:36 (permalink)
    He's obviously got some sort of neural disease that is plainly obvious to anyone who's remotely informed that it has nothing to do with anabolic steroids.
    Early day HGH shots might cause something like it because the stuff was taken from dead people and was tainted with prions that cause something similar to mad cow disease.
    But regardless he could just have some genetic issue like MS and people will just blame steroids, same old story.
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    Re: Opinions? 2014/10/01 17:37:32 (permalink)
    Must be horrible for him, however, it's the same old nonsense again and again..... big guy admits to using a wealth of different narcotics across all types but the focus, without anything to support it, is that the damage has been caused by steroids. No other drugs can possibly be responsible for any ailing health issues.
    It would appear to be something genetically degenerative and I can't imagine what it must be like though.

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    Re: Opinions? 2014/10/02 13:07:52 (permalink)
    I feel bad for the guy, not a good place to be but as above really. He clearly has a neural condition that was NOT caused by taking AAS.
    Same old media munipulation of everything.
    He took recreational drugs and likely stupid amount of steroids, pre workouts, HGH and clen- you name it and the media blames it all on steroids.
    Testosterone and other steroids are a wonder drug for hypogonadial men, aids and burns patients but they're killing the average gym rat?....yeah right dailymail keep BS'ing us. 
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    Re: Opinions? 2014/10/02 14:31:57 (permalink)
    I saw this guy's interview where he is saying that he pretty much used his body as an experimental lab throwing any and every chemical he could lay his hands on into it over a period of years. He does not specifiacally blame AAs abuse for his current condition but it comes over that the massive, prolonged abuse of loads of different substances are if not to blame for the condition certainly responsible for the early onset and severity of the symptoms. Its sad but he seems to have been the type of person who sees an adverse side effect as something to be treated byt adding more drugs rather than re-thinking or changing. Some people seem to reach a point where they see chemicals as just normal its like they become so de-sensitized they see no difference in adding another substance.
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    Re: Opinions? 2014/10/02 23:53:27 (permalink)
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