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Over head activities are NO - NO!

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2011/03/31 18:11:35 (permalink)

Over head activities are NO - NO!

Hey guys,
To cut a very long story short, I'm unable to do any type of exercise that involves my left arm over shoulder height due to issues with my left shoulder. Those that say, "See a doctor!" Over the last 10 years I've seen 4-5 doctors, 3-4 physio's, 1 shoulder specialist and also had surgery (bursectomy 8 months ago) and have been doing shoulder/rotator cuff strengthening exercises for 2 years - so, believe me I've tried and tried but nothing has worked.
My question is this, on my "shoulders/biceps day" I've been doing power partials and military presses. This has been going well (since my surgery) with nice gains until last week; following my workout my shoulder was sore which I know from plenty of past experience was due to the over head movement of the press. So I'm looking to swap the military press out for a shoulder exercise that doesn't involve the over head movement. I've been thinking perhaps upright rows instead of presses? Do you think this will be as effective? Any other suggestions? Thanks for those that have take time to read this.

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    Re:Over head activities are NO - NO! 2011/03/31 18:17:04 (permalink)
    Have you tried regular doses of Cissus?
    I wouldn't say upward rows are as effective but they're better than nothing... How'd you find Incline bench?

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    Re:Over head activities are NO - NO! 2011/03/31 18:19:08 (permalink)
    If you have shoulder issues then don't even think about doing upright rows! They will wreak havoc with your joints at the best of times, but if you have a pre-existing condition then they could be catastrophic.
    I'm currently recovering from an elbow/shoulder injury that means I haven't been able to do overhead pressing in months, and it hasn't affected my shoulder development whatsoever. My front delts already get hit hard from all pushing/pressing movements (benching and its variations, dips, etc), and my rear delts already get hammered from pretty much every back exercise I do. The only thing that is left somewhat neglected are my lateral delts, but this is easily resolved by throwing in a few sets of lateral raises for good measure.
    Obviously merely allowing your front delts to get hit with your chest and your rear delts to get hit with your back would make the idea of doing a 'shoulder day' pretty obsolete, but this is a moot point for me because I think dedicating a whole day to shoulders is, for most trainers up to a certain level, an obsolete practice anyway for exactly the above reasons.

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    Re:Over head activities are NO - NO! 2011/03/31 18:19:31 (permalink)
    Press Ups are good for shoulders.
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    Re:Over head activities are NO - NO! 2011/03/31 18:24:37 (permalink)
    CK- has hit the nail on the head... 
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