Palpitations ?

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2011/04/03 21:58:39 (permalink)

Palpitations ?

I used to get palpitations about twice a week, however for the last month I have had them everyday about 6-7 times a day when resting, when training, when working, at literally any time of the day, I have been to see my GP who is sending me for blood tests and a 24 hour ecg recording to hopefully record the palpitations to check them over,
He has said not to worry as in 99% of cases they are nothing to worry about and that everyone gets them,
He asked about smoking, caffeine intake, substance use etc to which I do none of any of it,
Just wondering how many on here get palpitations? And do they worry you? Have you had them checked out?

Sleep, ****, work, gym, sleep !

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    Re:Palpitations ? 2011/04/03 22:02:55 (permalink)
    Yep, went through a stage of getting them a lot, had ECG but no issues. I seem to get them when stressed then I get stressed about them and get more.

    Generally don't worry too much about them but still get them every now and again.

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    Re:Palpitations ? 2011/04/03 22:38:57 (permalink)
    24 hour ECG should definitely determine any cause mate so no worries there
    Sometimes a single ECG can miss something but a 24 hour one will definitely find a problem is there is one
    As has been said there's usually no problem at all anyway, some people just get them, I used to get them sometimes but strangely now that I'm probably less healthy I no longer get them!
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    Re:Palpitations ? 2011/04/04 11:58:32 (permalink)
    Got them frequently a couple of years ago, one or tow so hard it felt like my heart stopped then just hammered into action again. Was a bit over weight, stressed etc, very rare i get them now, docs done full check and told me not to worry about it. Good luck though.
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    Re:Palpitations ? 2011/04/04 12:33:53 (permalink)
    First of all you're doing the right thing going to your doctor. I ignored similar symptoms for a number of years before being forced to go to the docs and subsequently having my heart condition diagnosed. In hindsight I should have gone to the docs as soon as the problems began.
    That doesn't necessarily mean that palps = serious heart condition. A friend of mine started having palps a year ago and nowing about my heart prob, was sh1t scared over the prospect of going to his docs. I insisted he went (told him I was going to bash his face in lol) and several months and a barrage of tests later he's been given a clean bill of health with the palps judged to be completely benign - i.e. occasionaly problematic and unpleasant but not linked to some underlying heart disease.
    So get to the docs and let us know how you get on.
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    Re:Palpitations ? 2011/04/04 13:41:09 (permalink)
    Yes i get them all of the time, but i do have Tetralogy of Fallot (google it) and having my pulmonary valve replaced within the next 6 months!
    As Osagi said you did the right thing by going to the docs, hope it all goes well and you don't have anything serious.
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