Paper Anabolics

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2005/08/01 10:05:26 (permalink)

Paper Anabolics

Anyone ever used these? Little peices of paper you put under your tongue, like those disgusting paper chewing gum things. Except instead of minty freshness you get 50mgs of oxymetholone, all good i suppose....

Oral Primobolan... any good?


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    RE: Paper Anabolics 2005/08/01 11:39:59 (permalink)
    sounds like LSD to me bro! watch yourself... workouts could get weird!! LOL
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    RE: Paper Anabolics 2005/08/01 14:32:33 (permalink)
    yep heard of em. never used em though. i know you can get dbol. drol and winny

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    RE: Paper Anabolics 2005/08/01 14:44:53 (permalink)
    I first heard about them through a few guys i worked the doors with that had done a stretch or to and they used to use paper to get gear on the inside in the form of eddible letters, these were home made tho dont know how else you would come by it.

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    RE: Paper Anabolics 2005/08/01 14:58:44 (permalink)
    was talking to caiza about this earlier today! interesting stuff - he's going to get more info for me so i'll pass it on to you

    natalie's lost yet another half inch off her thighs using the helios - it's doing bugger all for me but she's loving it!


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    RE: Paper Anabolics 2005/08/01 15:52:15 (permalink)
    paper products, hmmm yeh not bad but stick to well known tabs imo. paper products are used alot in countrys with customs tighter than maggy thatche. like australia.

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    RE: Paper Anabolics 2005/08/01 17:16:11 (permalink)
    They're very expensive comparing to raw powders. But the two paper sources i know have solid reputation (not underdosed stuff).


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    RE: Paper Anabolics 2005/08/01 18:26:17 (permalink)
    They are a solid product but there is only 1 manufacturer supplier that has constantly stood the test of time with product.

    the main benefit is ease of distribution but in the UK they are rarely used / seen due to the laws we enjoy but are popular in areas which have a stricter stance on AAS.

    Here is some info for you anyway

    Taken from the only legit paper manufacturer:

    Perhaps part of the legacy left to us by the late steroid guru Dan Duchaine was the role he played planting the seed that has since been developed into what we now know as Paper Anabolics.

    The basic idea was simple; to find a method by which certain anabolic steroids could be transported globally in such a way as to increase a customer’s chances of receiving their order safely.

    Picture two envelopes:

    Envelope “A” contains 1000 tablets of Anabol 5mg (i.e. 5000mg Methandienone)

    Envelope “B” contains a sheet (500 squares) of PaperBol 10mg (i.e. 5000mg Methandienone)

    Imagine the feel of Envelope “A”; the weight, the thickness, the uneven feel of the grooves and dips between each tab, not to mention what may or may not show up should the envelope pass through x-ray.

    Now visualize picking up Envelope “B” that has possibly a tenth of the weight; thin as a regular letter, and flat as a pancake.

    If your job was to randomly select and scrutinize mail, which envelope would you be more likely to question, Envelope “A” or Envelope “B”?

    If you were looking to order Methandienone through the post, which one would you feel more at ease waiting on, Envelope “A” or Envelope “B”?

    It’s unlikely that any method of sending AS will ever be totally foolproof (as long as certain governments continue to prohibit our freedom of choice in this area), all the same, if Dan is looking down from that great gymnasium in the sky we’re more than confident that he would just as pleased as countless others are at having safely received their orders of Paper Products :^>


    When reading through the testimonials (or countless posts on the discussion boards) made in reference to our Paper Products it is plain to see that the vast majority of those that have used and continue to use ******* Paper Anabolics are more than happy with the benefits and results.

    With that in mind and even though all lab tests conducted on “*****'' Paper Products have always shown that we use only genuine Grade A chemicals, fact remains that no matter how hard we try we are not able to dose each square with 100% accuracy.

    In light of this, and ******** desire to constantly improve the quality of our products and the value of our services to our customers, at the beginning of 2003 we decided to up the dosage of each sheet of Paper Products by 10% - in this way, while there will almost certainly still be slight discrepancies between squares measured under laboratory conditions, from now on the chances are much greater that each square will come as close to the stated amount (10mg per square of PaperVar, PaperBol, PaperStrol, and PaperNol, and 50mg per square of PaperDrol, PaperPrimo, and PaperClo) as possible.

    Another reason that prompted us toward this course of action was that although the majority of active ingredient is absorbed into the paper itself some of the active ingredient remains in powder form and some residue may fall away when the squares are cut. We believe the 10% extra should more than compensate for this factor.


    PREPARATION The active ingredients in Paper Anabolics are both absorbed into the Paper as well as in part sandwiched between the sheets, therefore, Paper Products are not meant to be peel or stripped but taken whole; carefully cut the required dose from your sheet/strip with sharp scissors or a cutting blade.
    INJESTING As with tablets the squares can be swallowed down with water although some feedback suggests that better absorption will occur by keeping them held under the tongue for a while before swallowing.
    STORAGE Paper Anabolics will keep for at least a year or two although probably best kept out of direct sunlight or extreme heat. For convenience you can cut your daily dosage and slip it in your wallet while the rest would do well stored in a zip-lock/jiffy bag then in a cool, dark place.

    Some More Reasons Why Paper Anabolics Continue to Grow in Popularity and

    Why Many Have Converted Over From Tablets

    QUALITY and CONSISTENCY - The active ingredients in each of our Paper Products have always been and always will be of the highest grade.

    SECURITY and PEACE of MIND - Whether it be your first time ordering AS or your 100th undoubtedly you want as much assurance as possible that your order will reach you safely as opposed to falling into the wrong hands. In more than 3 years of sending Paper Products from Western Europe we have yet to receive a single confirmation of an order seized.

    CONVENIENCE and PEACE of MIND - For many people the idea of carrying around a stash of tablets (should they be splitting their daily doses and unable to return home during the day, or perhaps while traveling) is a risk they would rather do without, therefore, the idea of being able to carry on one's person, or carried in one's baggage, innocuous-looking pieces or paper adds yet another value.

    SIDE EFFECTS (or THE LACK OF) - While one would expect that most side effects experienced come by way of the active chemical, the cause of some side effects are acutally brought about by the binders and fillers that hold the tablets together. One main example of this is with most tablet forms of Methandienone; some users seem to have adverse abdominal reactions.

    Have you ever wondered why two different brands of the same chemical may come in very different tablet sizes even though the stated dose on both is, say, 10mg? The reason for this is that the greater part of each tablet (often up to 95%!) is in fact nothing more than binders and fillers used to hold the active ingredient together.

    Seeing as the paper is the main tangible holding our Paper Products together we have effectively been able to reduce the number of other substances you’d normally be ingesting with tablets to a bare minimum, this would probably account for the reports we’ve read of users normally unable to take Methandienone in tablet form reporting their delight in discovering PaperBol as an alternative.

    SPLITTING DOSES - While not all tablets are built the same, some appear to be a lot more difficult to break in halves or quarters than others, due to their unique sizes and density. By contrast, as you might imagine, it’s a whole lot easier cutting squares of paper into equal parts should your cycle require splitting your daily doses.

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