Pay Review

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2008/05/15 23:35:33 (permalink)

Pay Review

I think most places of work have their pay review about this time...

I had mine today and found it a bit insulting...

Anyone else had theirs & are you happy or dissapointed with it?

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    RE: Pay Review 2008/05/15 23:37:57 (permalink)
    Mine is being processed now.Will be 80p increase.I do alot of overtime so that's where it will have a bigger effect.Extra £1.60 an hour on Sunday's.
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    RE: Pay Review 2008/05/16 02:32:23 (permalink)
    Lucky you, I've never had a pay rise for the last 5 years inflationary or otherwise despite having made a substantial contribution to the company's continued growth. It appears pay reviews don't appear to be of any importance to my employer, just as it doesn't appear to be of any importance to retain hardworking staff such as myself.

    So it seems the only way for me to secure a pay rise is to look for a new role elsewhere, my employers loss but still a disappointment after being with the company for 5 years.

    But I hope you lads favor a little better and get the rise I'm sure you deserve.


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    RE: Pay Review 2008/05/16 04:22:11 (permalink)
    My pay rise is part of my appraisal-got 7% this year and 9% the year before-have had some complete w*nkers promise the moon and when it came to pay time try to feed me some complete B*ll****!-Once was promised a huge Bonus if sales were met-sales team were complete Surfer dudes and didn't give a toss about making targets-so myself and one of the Inventory control guys made most of the targets ourselves, when review time came the Boss said that we all had to make our targets to recieve any kind of bonus!!! so I went away feeling crap only to find out that the Sales manager recieved his Bonus-So me and the Boss had a private chat which included me coming round his house in the middle of the night if he didn't pay up!!-got the cash and walked!!!

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    RE: Pay Review 2008/05/16 06:40:28 (permalink)
    pay review? pay review? what's that? try working in public services....you get the same sized handful of peanuts year on year

    I wish I was more attractive like Dagless.
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    RE: Pay Review 2008/05/16 07:05:23 (permalink)

    My pay rise is part of my appraisal-got 7% this year and 9% the year before

    As a basic salary raise, thats a pretty good percentage

    Colleaugues get around on average 3-5% (plus a yearly bonus), not bad when you get an extra few k+ each year lol.

    Americans I think have a standard raise of on average 6%, thats only if they negotiate for it though.

    Just depends what industry youre in though.
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    RE: Pay Review 2008/05/16 07:38:59 (permalink)
    i get extra £20 after tax a week :D

    about £1000 increase from previous
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    RE: Pay Review 2008/05/16 08:43:34 (permalink)
    got a rise of about 2.5k, but that's just the cost of living thing..

    should get a proper rise of another 4k or so later in the year
    Delpy Parkay
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    RE: Pay Review 2008/05/16 09:07:34 (permalink)
    i got 3.6% this year and 3.3% last year, better than nothing
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