Planning a Pro Hormone Cycle

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2011/04/08 23:10:19 (permalink)

Planning a Pro Hormone Cycle

I was thinking of taking a pro-hormone cycle but with further research it may not be the best idea. Im currently 19 been training for 2 years mostly compound lifts etc. Some suggested that before taking the real stuff, I should take a testosterone booster to see some of the effects that I should expect to see like mood swing etc. I tried tribulous and nothing happened really. Does anyone know of a Booster that will work.
Also originally I was going to take SD matrix but that is too strong for a first cycle. EPI was recommeded, but I am not sure what the PCT should be like? I have read abotu stuff for superdrol clones but they are also a little bit stronger the EPI level stuff. Any advice and what I should be preparing to do for a first cycle would be appreciated. I planning to go for it around September.


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    Re:Planning a Pro Hormone Cycle 2011/04/09 00:02:35 (permalink)
    Hi there, from what I've read over the years, Tribulus does not alot more than increase libido, so i'm not surprised you didn't experience much from it. You might like to try looking into DAA (D-Aspartic Acid) which can help boost testosterone, however at 19 you probably have plenty floating about your system already!
    Taking steroids is personal choice, I would probably wait a couple of years as you may still be growing, and you don't want to risk cutting that short by taking them, there are also possible side effects from these substances which you should be aware of, but, like most things you'll get opinions on here for the for and against and if you choose to go ahead just be as clued up as you can be and don't rush into it.
    What is the motivation to want to take steroids or boosters? What is your training and diet like? It's worth putting as much info up as you can, that way you'll get the best replies from other board members.
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    Re:Planning a Pro Hormone Cycle 2011/04/09 00:06:49 (permalink)
    Main things you need for your first cycle
    Excellent diet
    Great training intensity
    high protein content ( ph help with protein synthesis )
    I wouldnt suggest SD of P-plex for your first cycle your body wont no whats hit it.
    Liv 52
    Milt thistle
    Vit C ( incase you start feeling ill)
    multi vit
    taurine for back pumps
    (the first 3 are most important if you have a low budget)
    Pct should be a serm
    I would pick NOLVA and it should be dosed at, 20/20/10/10
    you can also go with clomid but im not very experienced with it
    I would also pick up a pct support from CEL or Fusion if you have the funds.
    As for which PH to go for.
    I DiD h-drol for my first cycle and gained 12 pounds loved it you wont be dissapointed
    here are my results.
    if your diet and training are in check you cant go wrong
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    Re:Planning a Pro Hormone Cycle 2011/04/09 14:18:35 (permalink)
    testbooster at 19yo is waste.

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    Re:Planning a Pro Hormone Cycle 2011/04/09 16:03:55 (permalink)
    at 19 test boosters will do little and DS/PH are not advisable, anyway your natural test levels should be high  enough that with good diet and training you should grow easy enough naturally
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    Re:Planning a Pro Hormone Cycle 2011/04/10 20:27:34 (permalink)
    as above but if one must then one must
    each to there own
    epi or hdrol 3 caps a day for 6 weeks
    followed by full pct
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