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Please Critique routine

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2008/05/15 16:40:33 (permalink)

Please Critique routine

Hello I have a four day split and need advice I normally do some cardio after this or on odd days (i did a 10k at the weekend with a time oof 38.59) so I am looking to keep the sharpness while increasing strength etc etc

Chest & Tri's
Back & Bi's

Day 1
Flat Dumb bell bench 3x8
Incline dumbell bench 3x6-8
Flat Dumbell Flyes 3x8
Weighted Dips 3 x8
Dumbell Pull overs 3x8

Day 2
Deadlift 3x6
bent over barbell row 3x6
single arm d/bell row 3x8
pull up 3x8
seated d.bell curls 3 x10

day 3
Squats 3x10
Sumo Barbell squat 3x8
Leg Ext 3x6
jump squats with light dumbell 3x8
stiff leg deadlift 3x8
hamstring curls 3x6
calf raise machine 2x20

day 4
Military press 3x8
seated dumbell press 3x8
upright barbell row 3x8
seated lat raise 3x8
dumbell shrugs 3x12


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    RE: Please Critique routine 2008/05/15 18:28:27 (permalink)
    Hi mate. Apart from the leg day, which looks a bit much to me, it looks sound. It could do with a couple less exercises in places, but it's by no means overkill. The ones I'd omit would be:

    Day 1 - Take out the flyes

    Day 2 - Take out either the barbell rows or the dumbbell rows. They're variations on a theme, so no need for both

    Day 3 - Take out the leg extensions and leg curls - quads and hamstrings are getting plenty of work already

    Day 4 - Take out either the upright rows or the shrugs

    Also change the order of the split as follows:


    That way your squats and deadlifts are a bit further apart in time

    Anyway, that's my 0.002p, best of luck with the training
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