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Please have a read and comment, any help would be appreciated

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2011/03/20 21:40:47 (permalink)

Please have a read and comment, any help would be appreciated

I would be grateful for a few opinions on the following routine I intend to start and follow for the next 10 weeks. I can get to the gym pretty much only on Tues/Thurs/Sat due to work and other commitments, I do have a spin bike and rower at home for some cardio work. After 10 weeks my new garage will be built, half of which will be a gym with power rack, bench and weights. 
I’ve been going to the gym for around 10 weeks now and have been concentrating on learning good form on a wide variety of exercises and getting used to the idea of training with weights. I’m 46 years old, 6 foot tall and around 23 stone, relatively fit for my age but not particularly strong in my view, although I am really starting to notice some real improvements over the last few weeks. 
I’m hoping to increase my strength and would like to put on a bit of lean muscle, trying hard with the diet which I believe I have under control. I’m not planning on becoming  serious body builder but just want to get in decent shape. 
I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading forum posts and articles about routines and have got a little confused to be honest, there’s just so much conflicting information out there. 
Plan is to do the following routine 5 reps X 5 sets with progressive increases in weight when I can complete 5x5 OK. The gym I go to is pretty basic, just a Smiths, a squat rack, leg press, extension, curl, calf machines, lat station, a couple of benches and free weights. I’ve picked what I believe are good compound exercises with a few isolations for variety/interest, all of which I enjoy doing and am confident I am doing correctly. 
Tuesday                                    Thursday                        Saturday 
Squats                                        Deadlifts                          Squats 
Bench/Dumbelll press                  Leg Press                        Close grip lat pulldowns 
Chest Press                                 Hamstring Curls              Overhead Press 
Dumbell Flys                               Leg Extension                 Bent over rows/rack pull rows 
Tricep rope pulldowns                  Calf Raise                        Barbell/Dumbell curl 
Any comments/suggestions would be very welcome. 

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    Re:Please have a read and comment, any help would be appreciated 2011/03/20 21:50:25 (permalink)
    It's not a great routine, seems aimless and meandering, no real pattern or structure to it. If you want to do a full body routine, then you should base it around the classic template, as follows:
    1 Lower body movement
    1 Upper body push movement
    1 Upper body pull movement
    So for example, day 1 might be:
    Bench Press
    Bent-Over Rows
    Then day 2 might be:
    Overhead Press
    Chin Ups
    And (for the sake of completeness) day 3 might be:
    Power Cleans
    Spread over 3 days a week, like Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday as in your post.
    This template will work extremely well, it is incredibly versatile (you can chop and change as long as you are substituting like for like movements) and you are guaranteed to be hitting every single muscle in your body each session with the tried and tested compound movements.

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