Please review my routine

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2009/07/23 14:22:22 (permalink)

Please review my routine

Here's a 3 day split I've set up myself and was just hoping some people on here could give advice on how to improve it, and let me know if any particular muscle will be left lagging behind.
Monday - Chest & Biceps
* Flat bench press (change between barbell and dumbbell's each week)
* Incline bench press (using whatever I'm NOT using to do flat bench)
* Decline dumbell press (only 1 set)
* Dumbbell fly's or cable crossovers (swap every week)
* Preacher curls or cable curls
* Hammer curls
* Crucifix curls
* Weighted sit ups on decline bench
Wednesday - Legs, Deltoids and traps
* Squats
* Leg press or lunges (change each week)
* Leg curl
* Calve raises (Both seated and standing)
* Standing press (either dumbbells or barbell)
* lateral raise , front raise/ upright row, reverse curl - 2 of these isolations each week
* Shrugs
Friday - Back & Triceps
* Pull / Chin ups
* Deadlifts
* T-bar/Bent over/Seated rows (Change each week)
* Lat pulldowns (either short or wide grip, whatever i didnt do on pullups)
* Dips/ V bar pressdowns
* Skullcrushers / Close grip bench press
* Overhead extensions
* Weighted crunches
*Reverse crunch
The reason I've put back with triceps with back is because I feel after a chest workout my tricep excercises aren't as strong as they should be.
Any comments?

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    Re:Please review my routine 2009/07/23 14:26:05 (permalink)
    Your traps are in your back, train them on back day! Also you should prob do Deads first on back day
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    Re:Please review my routine 2009/07/23 16:08:49 (permalink)
    they're also in the shoulders... six of one, half dozen of the other...

    seems ok to me, everything covered.

    I'd do something other than 3 different sorts of crunches for abs though. Woodchoppers, plank holds, or that kind of thing.
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    Re:Please review my routine 2009/07/23 19:50:01 (permalink)
    would drop crucifix curls and overhead extensions as you have enough for biceps/triceps there.

    Would also put back with biceps and chest with triceps, but thats all personal work, more so though as youre hittihn them both very hard on 2 different workouts.

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