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Powerlifting --- Bodybuilding

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2005/07/20 18:05:42 (permalink)

Powerlifting --- Bodybuilding

What is the difference?
Do powerlifters lift for strength and not really care what they look like compared to opposite for bodybuilder?

What do powerlifters do differently to bodybuilders?

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    RE: Powerlifting --- Bodybuilding 2005/07/20 18:21:45 (permalink)
    plers lift for maximal strength whereas bbers dont. also some powerlifting routines do not have much volume sufficient enough to induce growth
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    RE: Powerlifting --- Bodybuilding 2005/07/21 13:59:59 (permalink)

    Powerlifters lift to improve their limit strength performance in the squat, bench press and deadlift.

    Bodybuilders lift in order to achieve a certain aesthetic ideal.


    Powerlifters will tend to employ low reps (1-5) because these are better suited to improving limit strength than higher reps. Although they might sometimes use higher reps, including with a view to getting bigger, this will still be to the end of improving their powerlifting performance, often because they will do better in a higher weight category.
    Powerlifters tend to lift to failure only rarely, since it is generally counterproductive for gaining strength. Their work sets will usually be in the area of 75%-90%, and usually toward the upper end of that range.

    Bodybuilders willl employ higher reps (6-12) because that is the range in which protein fibres are broken down most efficiently in order for them to be rebuilt- hence hypertrophy. They have the added headache of having to watch what they eat- especially (or for some, exclusively) when they need to diet for a competition, which will require bodyfat of around 5% and less. A powerlifter doesn't have to concern himself with that except with a view to remaining in a weight class. BBers' work sets will tend to be in the region of 70%-85%, usually toward the lower part of that range.

    Basically "What's the difference?" is not a good question. "What's the similarity?" would be better- and the answer is "They both lift weights."
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