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Pre exhaust routine

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2014/11/17 21:01:02 (permalink)

Pre exhaust routine

I've been training just over 1 yr and currently nearing the end of 1st 12 weeks of training.The second set of 12 weeks will be a pre exhaust routine.Truth is I have no idea what I should do. It's simply impossible in my gym to do for instance chest , Pec Deck flyers straight to Flat Bench Press, as the gym is always busy. I'm 47 yrs old although progress is slow I can see changes in my physique.What routine could I do to incorporate Pre exhaust.Oh by the way loving the gym it's changed my life,

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    Re: Pre exhaust routine 2014/11/18 08:48:30 (permalink)
    I've been training just over 1 yr and currently nearing the end of 1st 12 weeks of training.

    Not sure I fully understand what you're saying here mate.
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    Re: Pre exhaust routine 2014/11/18 11:00:29 (permalink)
    Train early in the morning. There are fewer people and pre exhaust is easier.
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    Re: Pre exhaust routine 2014/11/19 10:53:32 (permalink)
    For chest pre-exhaust, why not just do db flies on the bench you're using for yer bench press?  That way you don't have to leave the bench?  Or just do db chest press with the fly's and have two sets of weights out by your bench at all times, usually a good sign that the bench is being used by someone.
    Also, could do military style push ups (the ones with your elbows tucked in - focuses more on triceps) and then do bench press?
    12 weeks sounds like a long time to train using pre-exhaust technique, it can take it out of you and IMO not ideal for all lifts.  I'd listen to your body and watch out for any niggles.

    "Fatigue makes cowards of us all" - Vince Lombardi

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    Re: Pre exhaust routine 2014/11/20 05:36:43 (permalink)
    I heard a lot about these 12 week plans.  Not sure what's supposed to happen after 12 weeks, but I could tell you this, weight training is like brushing your teeth - it's all about consistency to keep the cavities away.  Same thing goes for building physiques.  Think of it as a part of your life, because you live a lot longer than 12 weeks.  It's a marathon not a race.  Weight train and eat to feed your muscles.  That's the only workout plan you need.  Any more questions, contact me.
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    Re: Pre exhaust routine 2014/11/29 00:11:35 (permalink)
    when you say pre exhaust are you super - setting an isolation exercise with a compound exercise for the same body part or are you doing all your isolation work (e.g 3 sets of flyes) prior to your compound exercises?
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