Problem with abs

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2004/02/14 18:34:03 (permalink)

Problem with abs

We need to eat more to get results. Right? I always eat more. But I face problems like acidity or gas trouble etc. Another thing is that my stomach is not flat but a little bit fleshy. Will eating more affect my stomach measurements? What should I do to reduce fat on my waist? Because I have been told by someone by exercising your ab muscles only increases their strength and tone. But it doesn't reduce the fat. What your view on this? Because this is also true that if you have all shaped up body but your abs are not flat and fine, then you lose the points. I need advice on this.


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    RE: Problem with abs 2004/02/14 22:31:43 (permalink)
    from what i've read and understood from the board and talking to people the way to get abs is to do cardio and work them. i was talking to a guy one day about weight gaining and he said that you have to eat a lot but eat clean to bulk up. so i asked him about getting fatter and he said yes, you do get fatter but once you get the results that you want then you work on decreasing your body fat. am i right or completely wrong?
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    RE: Problem with abs 2004/02/15 15:47:19 (permalink)
    ye your right irish. when you bulk you put on some muscle and fat. but you work off that fat when you cut and maintain your muscle as much as you can
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    RE: Problem with abs 2004/02/15 23:00:45 (permalink)
    You have to focus your goals toward bulking or cutting. Granted, it's possible to do both simultaneously, but most guys cycle back and forth between bulking and then cutting. When you're bulking, you're growing and must consume more calories than your maintenance level. Cutting is the opposite.

    It's typically ideal to bulk first because your metabolisim hikes with additional muscle. Your body requires around 50 cals a day to maintain one pound of muscle. So if you gain 10 pounds of muscle when bulking, when you enter your cutting phase, you will have 500 freebie cals to work with.

    So, to answer your question about bulking affecting your body fat, yes it's a possibility that your body fat will increase. If it's in your midsection or elsewhere depends on your genetics.

    As to exercises only increasing strength and tone, that's completely untrue. Your abdominal muscles can experience hypertrophy just like any other muscle in your body. Work them with heavy loads and low reps. If you're doing hundreds of crunches, yes, you're just going to tone them. But if you're working your abs to failure with a few sets of 5 to 10 weighted crunches, your abs will grow.
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