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Prostatitis and aas advice?

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2014/11/15 21:02:44 (permalink)

Prostatitis and aas advice?

after cycle it only happened a few times and only ever happens when I was in the gym Working out 
have not cycled for about a year and about 8 weeks ago I got sick it stated with aching groin then one of my balls hurt and the pain would come and go and made me feel sick and weak it got worse over two days at first I thought it was a hernia but the symptoms was nothing like it then when I went to have a slash I got that same feeling in my perineum other symptoms it started to get hard to urinate and I tried have sex and when I cum I get bad pain in perineum 
Went to the gp and said it was Prostatitis he did a urine test but nothing showed up and I did not have a temperature he did say that if I go back to the gp in a few days they could do another sample that that could send of to see if any Bactria grows my he did a examination of my prostate and said it all seemed fine no inflammation and not enlarged
He gave me 4 weeks of cipro antibiotics 
touch wood my Prostatitis problems seems to have cleared up after about 2 weeks I did the full course 
Iv spent a lot of time reading about prostate problems it is very hard to diagnosis which type i had . The thing was I never had a fever and nothing in the first urine sample but he said that that may be able to send of the urine to a lab and something may grow . So it sounds like it was not a infection also the doc said that my prostate did not feel enlarged or inflamed yet as soon as I took the antibiotics it started to get better and that have cleared it up which leads me to think it was a infection yet after research it is said that the antibiotics can I have a anti inflammatory effect and help clear up non bacterial prostatitis . 
It' worrying about the chance IF i run a cycle that could give me a long term problem but then it is stated that prostatis does not increase the risk of having prostate cancer also steroid use only enlarges the prostate and having a enlarged prostate does not increase the risk of developing prostate cancer yet iv read that using aas can speed up any existing prostate cancer 
I never got tested for a std which I know could have caused it but I figure that the cipro would have killed any std that I had so is there any point getting tested now? I really don't think I had a std but it could have been that caused the infection if it was a infection 
So I'm looking for advice for anyone that can advice me as I was thinking about anavar only but I love test prop and really want to run another cycle anyone else had prostate problems and still ran gear?

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    Re: Prostatitis and aas advice? 2014/11/16 02:16:59 (permalink)
    Proastatitis is not so easily diagnosed. They will throw antibiotics at it off the symptoms. The reason the urine sample came back clean is there is no prostate fluid in it. To get true prostate fluid they would have to milk your prostate hence a finger in your arse massaging your prostate. Since everyone is so against a finger in their arse and a doctor could really do without it as well they treat the symptoms and hope it clears up which 99% of the time it does. Prostatitis can be bacterial, viral, or just traumatic. All will be treated the same in the beginning. To help clear the prostate frequent ejaculations are recommended so get the misses to yank the crank.
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    Re: Prostatitis and aas advice? 2014/11/16 10:37:07 (permalink)
    Through my twenties I suffered with prostatitis very badly on a regular basis this coincided with regular drug use. Through my thirties I stopped the drugs but started steroids and despite all the info the symptoms improved. In my forties the symptoms have all most gone all though I do notice a little when heavily dehydrated...hence the reason for trying to pack up the beer for good...I seem to remember a doc telling me tgat as with systitus in ladies the symptoms improve with age...
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