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Protein Powder

This article was written by Big Les & was originally published in The MuscleTalker January 2011 edition
Some people will decide to invest in a protein supplement for the first time; others will be trying out new products or just mixing things up. With an eye on cost here is a quick guide:
  •     The only - and I mean only - time you need a protein powder supplement is after a heavy weights workout. That is a workout where you break some tissue down! At this time you want nutrients in a hurry - so it's whey, and at least 70%. There are concentrates, isolates and high peptide based formulas - if you are on a budget then concentrate will serve you very well, isolate is for anyone not looking at title contention, the peptides - you need to be an advanced trainer to even have a chance of seeing the difference.
  •     Don't have your post workout whey with milk! Just don't, it defeats the very reason you are having whey by adding in casein that slows digestion down.
  •     Boosting your intake: protein powders are quick and convenient, so if you want one for extra nutrition through the day then you can pick a blend with casein, which is absorbed slower and so is not suitable post workout. If you are on a budget then skimmed milk powder in with whey is great home made version.
  •     Don't just look at protein content percentages. It's easy to be seduced by products that pack high percentages of protein. But what you want is quality protein that is high in essential amino acids and glutamine. This means you are looking for products that are high in whey or whey peptides and casein. Vegetable proteins are good for gas!
  •     A note about soya protein: so it is excellent protein but you need to know that it is impossible to source soya that is guaranteed not to be genetically modified.
  •     Don't dose scoop: protein powder is a food. If you are skimping and trying to make it last, you need to re-evaluate your protein strategy. The only time to be measuring your powder is pre-contest or on a very serious cutting phase!
  •     Don't overdo it. Yes protein powder is food, but the best food is good old food itself. Real foods contain nutrients not found in whey and protein powders, so don't try to live off powders, unless you don't want to be at your best of course.

Finally, protein powder is a bit like wine, one man's merlot is another man's paint stripper. Get samples, try out different products and flavours, and remember variety makes life much more fun.

James Collier - MuscleTalk Co-Owner

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Airborne Warri0r
Always had my post shake with milk. Guess it's going to be with just water from now on. Every little things helps when you're pushing 50.
2017/11/19 14:24:35
not sure i agree now with the first 2 points, (not surprising, given it's a 6 year old article).
The magic 'window' has been largely debunked
2017/11/20 15:58:13
One of the problems with both the magic window and or how some research supports certain supplements is the 'how and why' of their testing. In a great many examples testing took place in a fasted state. The idea behind it being so as to give an honest result. This is often how other items are tested for. The same can be said when they test after the supplement has been consumed. Some tests have you wait for 4 hours after the supplement has been consumed before you're able to go get something to eat.
The problem is, of course, we don't fast. I, for one, like to train in the morning. That means fuel for my workouts, often as not, is from food I ate as much at breakfast time as it is what I hate for my tea. Guys like Jay Cutler said they liked at least two meals inside them before they hit the gym and even that ignores meals from the night before. That's without getting into transit and digestion times varying from individual to individual. Have a nice steak the night before and you might, in some cases, still be breaking that down 12+ hours later.
The biggest problem with those that seem to argue against protein powders and so-called magic pills is two fold.
1) They tend to be skinny or light weight mofos. It's rarely a 300lb monster
2) Real life and work - how many can eat 4-6 perfect meals a day?
2017/11/25 19:20:52

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