Proviron during PCT ?

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2006/07/12 23:34:20 (permalink)

Proviron during PCT ?

Read an article on here that says "Proviron can be used effectively throughout clomid therapy as it displays no signs of inhibiting the HPTA (see article 'Clomid and HCG'), and is helpful in keeping androgen levels elevated until natural testosterone production is restored correctly."

It doesn't mention about Tamoxifen but could I run Proviron with Tamoxifen for PCT ? I need to look as dry as possible a week after finishing PCT and wondering if proviron will give a little extra help

Anyone ?

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    RE: Proviron during PCT ? 2006/07/13 21:50:41 (permalink)
    i was under the impression that provirion should not be used durin pct as it will keep you shut down, although im sure someone can give a propper explanation of this.
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    RE: Proviron during PCT ? 2006/07/13 21:52:12 (permalink)
    prov is a weak anrogen so it goes that it shouldnt be used during pct
    however a good bro and experianced mod wrongun uses prov during pct and loves it
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    RE: Proviron during PCT ? 2006/07/13 22:06:38 (permalink)
    proviron at a moderate dose does not interfere with htpa recovery.
    the doses we run shouldnt be a problem
    everything ive seen where proviron had an effect on hpta were at large doses..way more that we would be taking
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    RE: Proviron during PCT ? 2006/07/13 22:43:10 (permalink)
    I always use Proviron, infact I'm using it now dueing PCT. I wrote this over at anabolicreview.com:

    "Use PROVIRON during PCT!


    I use Proviron during PCT and I know a few other memebers here also do. Below are the reasons why, I feel, it a good addition to a PCT protocol.

    Firstly, I'm not advising you to use Proviron as the primary weapon at restoring the HPTA after the use of androgens. Its more of an addition to an already proven PCT protocol. For example, I use it with HCG/Nolva. Others can use it with Clomid/Nolva. Whatever seems to work successfully for you is what I'm getting at.

    Secondly, the reason I say, not to use it as you primary weapon, is that it only has the ability to raise serum levels of LH/FSH slightly. Its simply not as effective as Clomid/Nolva and should replace either of them. This is another reason why it should be an addition to your PCT, not a replacment.

    Third, Proviron will bind to the aromatase enzyme reducing estrogen levels effectively. It can be used for this purpose whilst "on" to combat estrogen related sides and during PCT. It is, however, not as good as Letro/Aromasin/Arimdex at this action. This is why other AI's are advised during PCT, in conjuction with Proviron. Another reason why its an additon, not a replacment!

    Fourth, Proviron has a very high binding affinity to SHBG. Which reduces free floating testosterone, synthetic or naturally produced. We want to try and raise testosterone levels during PCT, so we attain the gains we have achieved whilst cycling. So...It would seem logical to use a compound that has a high binding affinity to SHBG during PCT, right? As Proviron has one of the highest binding affinites to SHBG (if not the highest) it serves another purpose here. Reduce SHBG and increase free floating testosterone and your body is catabolic for less time, increasing the chances of attaining gains. It can also be used when cycling to reduce levels of SHBG and may help to break through a plateu you've encountered mid/end of the cycle.

    Another quality that Proviron can claim is that it will incease your sex drive. I'm sure many memebers will agree, this stuff is a bodybuilders viagra! At 25+mgs/ED I've seen it documented to increase ones sex drive. This is one of its best qualities as during PCT your sex drive takes time to come back. So why not mask it till it returns, with Proviron? If your sex drive isnt prevelant during PCT, mine certinaly isnt, masking it with the use of Proviron is the answer. Bloodwork is advised though, as you may not fully know when your sex drive and testosterone levels have recovered.

    Lastly and most importantly, Proviron will not hinder your HPTA, even at high doses. This is why I feel Proviron is ok to use during PCT. If it doesnt hinder recovery during PCT, I dont see any reason why not to add it to your PCT protocol. Below are 2 studies demonstrating that Proviron will have no negative affect on the HPTA, even at doses of 150mg/ED for 12 months:

    Effect of non aromatizable androgens on LHRH and TRH responses in primary testicular failure.

    Spitz IM, Margalioth EJ, Yeger Y, Livshin Y, Zylber-Haran E, Shilo S.

    We have assessed the gonadotropin, TSH and PRL responses to the non aromatizable androgens, mesterolone and fluoxymestrone, in 27 patients with primary testicular failure. All patients were given a bolus of LHRH (100 micrograms) and TRH (200 micrograms) at zero time. Nine subjects received a further bolus of TRH at 30 mins. The latter were then given mesterolone 150 mg daily for 6 weeks. The remaining subjects received fluoxymesterone 5 mg daily for 4 weeks and 10 mg daily for 2 weeks. On the last day of the androgen administration, the subjects were re-challenged with LHRH and TRH according to the identical protocol. When compared to controls, the patients had normal circulating levels of testosterone, estradiol, PRL and thyroid hormones. However, basal LH, FSH and TSH levels, as well as gonadotropin responses to LHRH and TSH and PRL responses to TRH, were increased.

    The effect of mesterolone on sperm count, on serum follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, plasma testosterone and outcome in idiopathic oligospermic men.

    Varma TR, Patel RH.

    Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, St. George's Hospital Medical School London, U.K.

    Two hundred fifty subfertile men with idiopathic oligospermia (count less than 20 million/ml) were treated with mesterolone (100-150 mg/day) for 12 months. Seminal analysis were assayed 3 times and serum follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) luteinizing hormone (LH) and plasma testosterone were assayed once before treatment and repeated at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after the initiation of treatment. One hundred ten patients (44%) had normal serum FSH, LH and plasma testosterone, 85 patients (34%) had low serum FSH, LH and low plasma testosterone. One hundred seventy-five patients (70%) had moderate oligospermia (count 5 to less than 20 million/ml) and 75 patients (30%) had severe oligospermia (count less than 5 million/ml). Seventy-five moderately oligospermic patients showed significant improvement in the sperm density, total sperm count and motility following mesterolone therapy whereas only 12% showed improvement in the severe oligospermic group. Mesterolone had no depressing effect on low or normal serum FSH and LH levels but had depressing effect on 25% if the levels were elevated. There was no significant adverse effect on testosterone levels or on liver function. One hundred fifteen (46%) pregnancies resulted following the treatment, 9 of 115 (7.8%) aborted and 2 (1.7%) had ectopic pregnancy. Mesterolone was found to be more useful in patients with a sperm count ranging between 5 and 20 million/ml. Those with severe oligospermia (count less than 5 million) do not seem to benefit from this therapy.

    If anyone would like to add anything to the thread and information I have put forward, please do."

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    RE: Proviron during PCT ? 2006/07/13 23:18:39 (permalink)
    nice post, anyone know how much wrongun uses during PCT
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    RE: Proviron during PCT ? 2006/07/13 23:22:25 (permalink)
    I know many who run proviron through PCT and none have a bad word to say about the practice. I'm gonna try it myself next time as I'm now absolutely convinced it won't prevent recovery. For the most, you will only ever find the people who protest against the practice, and say it'll maintain suppression are the ones who've never tried it.
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    RE: Proviron during PCT ? 2006/07/14 00:13:42 (permalink)
    im gonna use it myself for pct when i come off in 6 weeks,also nolva makes me really depressed on pct so 1 proviron ed should boost wellbeing a little untill natural test returns
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