Questions from an aspiring phtoographer - Want to get a woman's view

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2011/04/06 12:22:15 (permalink)

Questions from an aspiring phtoographer - Want to get a woman's view

Good afternoon,
Apologises for barging in on the women's fitness board, but I just wanted to get a female view/opinion on a question I have. As with most people these days, I'm into photography and I have been for quite a while (Since 2008/9). Over the last year or so; while getting myself into fitness and trying to get myself into shape, I've been fasinated by the physical form and I want to combine the two interests.
Therefore, I want to ask for those that do model/compete - Basically what do you look for in a photographer when it comes to taking yourpicture. I realise that anyone can take a picture but I want to be the one that does it well, that when you look at my pictures; you know that it is Bishop's style and I have a goal to eventually be involved in the fitness industry in this capacity.
What would make you approach a photographer
What would turn you away from a photographer
What would you expect a photographer to behave/be like?

I plan to be the following:
Respectful - I'm not just going to be a 'Guy with a camera' - I want it so that I always have good references
Collaborative - Your body is your 'Brand' - therefore I'm not going to release pictures that put you in a bad light.
Professional - I'm approaching this with a business focus and not just as a hobby, granted I'm still on the ground floor but I want to ensure that I'm doing it correctly - Doing my research so to speak.
I also have some sample of my work that I can show.
Also note that I also plan to do male fitness photography - Not just limiting myself to females.
Any other gems or considerations would be helpful - I hope a good debate can come from this
Thank you for your time.

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    Re:Questions from an aspiring phtoographer - Want to get a woman's view 2011/04/09 11:00:45 (permalink)
    I'm not a female body builder so maybe I'm not the best person to comment here, but if you plan on doing this professionally won't it mainly be magazines and event organisers who contract you?
    In which case it would be them who approach you and decide which shots they want to release etc.
    Obviously being professional and respectful etc are good qualities but I would take them as a given in a photographer and not something that is going to be a unique selling point for you individually.
    Just my thoughts.

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