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2006/07/17 14:15:32 (permalink)

Ready for Action

Hi guys, glad to have signed up to this forum, tonnes of info. Ok basically I dont want to bore any1 but i dont wanna leave anything important out so ill try my best. Ive been training on and off for about a year.

Previous stats:
Age 19
Height 6'3"
Weight Around 165 lbs
Diet Very bad, mostly junk food some alcohol terrible eating patterns
Body description: very skinny upper body, decent legs, very slender long arms, no muscle tone/shape/definition (well not much) alot of fat around belly even though im skinny

Current stats

Age 20
Height 6'4"
Weight 195 Lbs
Diet Much better than previously but still i dont stick to frequent eating patterns and proper sleep/rest
Body description: Basically now when i flex my bicep i have a little bump to show, still got the big gut even though im skinny everywhere else, there is a line in between my pecs and im alot stronger than before although im still not very strong, previously the 20kg barbell was an effort to lift for 10 reps doing benchpress, now 50kg is ok for 10

Basically guys, yes im alot heavier, but i still look like a rake thats slightly toned, got a huge fat gut and feel **** about myself. In the last year i tried using weight gain powders, tonnes of different routines, everything really except illegal substances and i dont want to start that either cos i know i A) dont need to use them and B) dont want to. Now if im being totally honest with myself probably alot of the things ive done or tried given enough of a chance by myself would have worked to a degree, but im terrible with my patience, its not that i dont have the desire to train. i have bags of that. i just dont have the discipline to stick to something, like a routine, ill be dead set on one routie then read something on a forum a week later and change to that, u get the idea? also in that year i badly hurt my shoulder when i was at my heaviest (around 205) and was out for a good 5 months, it knocked me for six being injured and basically everything went to ****, diet, the lot.

This is what i want: I want to add a moderate amount of size all over my body, but nothing like a body builder, more like patrick bateman out of american psycho. lots of tone and definition and a six pack. a little more buff, thats all. i want to have no fat around my waist, and i want to be fit (i enjoy running). when u look at all the things i want though individually they all have different approaches. u want to have a six pack? ok restrict ur diet and do plenty of cardio. u want to be bigger? ok eat every 2-3 hours, eat a tub of ice cream before bed, consume around 300 calories CUT back on too many cardio sessions. u get why im confused? im in 2 minds all the time. sometimes ill think **** it, lets try get big and ill follow a mass diet to a tee for a month, and sure ill add weight, but i just look the same and even though im skinny i have this irritating layer of fat around my gut, in a nutshell i wanna be able to take my top off and feel confident, have some strength, a bit more mass to fill out t shirts, and not get tired when i go for a run or cycle. Cos otherwise im not a bad looking guy ;) its just my body is ****. and yeah ive made great gains compared to what i was, but only i know this, if u saw me in the street now u wouldnt think anything of me, i just look normal, im not happy with that. i want to look and feel better.

another thing id like cleared up. some people say oh u wanna get big? then eat loads of wholesome foods, yes i can see the logic in that.others say eat tonnes of protein and whatever u want, the more high calorie **** like pizzas and ice cream the better cos they say eating only the wholesome foods doesnt give enough calories. i know a guy who eats anything and everything that relates to fast food and he looks exactly like how i want to look, nothing dramatic, just well rounded. i dont understand my body. when i am in one of my loose fat routines and spend a good month eating very strictly, everything natural and organic, no saturated fats, small frequent meals, ill admit i somehow feel way better, but the fat doesnt go. i used to run every single morning on an empty stomach for about 45 mins when i was fit and the stomach didnt shift. and all i was eating was vegetables, fish, chicken and fruit, abosultely nothing else and i was eating frequently to avoid dips in blood sugar levels.

ANYWAY. My question is, bearing in mind everything Ive said, does anything have a good solid plan or routine that they think would work for me? Because Im ready to go, i had a long hard look at myself face to face in the mirror and im ready for action baby :P

Sorry to be a pain, but I suppose this is the best place to ask, thanks :)


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    RE: Ready for Action 2006/07/17 16:13:07 (permalink)
    Ok. Welcome to MT.

    I suggest you sum things up better and ask the proper questions in the proper forums.. because I can almost guarantee you that most people won't bother reading through all that my friend

    Diet section is important.. take a trip there after reading around the forum and perhaps reading the nutrition-related articles here for some basic info: http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/articles.asp
    You can always do a search on something specific as well if you'd like: http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/search.asp
    When you're ready to post up the diet, use this thread to guide you: http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/fb.asp?m=1151933

    As for training.. you can look into this thread for a very large number of different routines.. to give you ideas at least.. try the ones you like: http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/fb.asp?m=854463

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    RE: Ready for Action 2006/07/17 18:22:45 (permalink)
    to get muscualr you have to eat lots of HEALTHY food, low GI food, lots of protein, carbs, veg etc etc

    to loose fat you need to restrict your cal intake (lower carbs, keep protein & healthy fat high) and do lots of cardio!



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