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LockedReposted here from w/l forum 'cause no replies. Probably in wrong place there.

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2009/07/18 05:52:43 (permalink)

Reposted here from w/l forum 'cause no replies. Probably in wrong place there.

Hello again folks!

Still soldiering on, trying to get the diet right, but I'm back with more specific questions this time. I am no longer in Manchester (long story which I won't bore you with, suffice it to say that, if I EVER see Manchester again, it'll be FAR TOO SOON!!! )

Had laptop nicked whilst in Manchester, and been sans 'net connection but, thanks to a VERY generous benefactor (okay, The Bank of Dad), I now have a new MacBook and BT Openzone subscription and I can, once again, annoy you all with my inane questions...

I am now in Liverpool and, if there are any Scousers reading this - THANK YOU!! You are VERY kind, generous, warm, wonderful and all round Good Eggs! The treatment, on the whole, I have received since arriving in your fair city has been in stark contrast to the treatment I received in Mankyland (apologies to any Mancunians reading this, I am NOT tarring you all with the same brush, but I was treated like crap by the council and social services).

Anyhoo, I'm now here in Beatlesville and, once again, in need of the assistance of you lovely people. Basically, I am in a B&B down by Lime Street station, and I need advice on dieting on a budget (I've gained 21lb since being homeless and I'd like to shed that to get back to 8st again). Untll yesterday, when one of the girls who works here told me I could, I didn't have access to a fridge, now I do, that makes things slightly easier. The only thing I DON'T have access to at the moment is my super-accurate kitchen scales (they weighed 4kg in 0.5g increments - I had to leave Manchester in a bit of a hurry and had to leave them behind), and I rather feel out of control when I can't weigh anything. I don't know whether they have a microwave here (I assume so).

I have been asking for advice on the MyProtein forums, and I some of it I agree with, some of it I don't (I've always considered oatcakes an excellent source of complex carbs, but one of the mods (at least I THINK he was a mod) there advised me to "cut them out completely" now that, to me at least, is poor advice. Do those with more knowledge on this stuff than I have agree - or not...?)

Now, I know that nuts are an excellent source of EFAs, but I just see the calories and run a mile in the opposite direction! The most daring I've been is to sprinkle a few flaked almonds on my porridge every morning! If I could weigh out portions, I'd feel safer but, as it is, I can't, so I've been avoiding nuts - and seeds - completely.

I need a diet that's suitable for someone who, whilst not exactly sedentary, isn't able to go to the gym on a regular basis, either (actually I'm not able to go AT ALL at the moment and that's making me REALLY miserable because I miss it! ) On the plus side, I am so much happier in Liverpool, that I am going out more and more (it was a real effort for me to step outside the front door in Manchester, but it's different here - I can walk down by the docks (though it's pissing it down at the moment - and it seems to be set in for the week!) The best I can do is weight down my rucksack (which I do as much as possible with bottles of water and bags of dried peas). Thank the gods I brought my Asics with me! Most comfy pair of trainers I've ever owned. Yes, they cost me £90, but they're worth every single penny!

Right, what I've been eating up to now looks something like this (and I will admit that I've not been eating on a very regular basis, due to circumstances, and the fact I'm STILL suffering from a degree of calorie-phobia)

Breakfast (whenever I wake up - usually between 5 and 7. I NEVER eat the breakfast here as it's so nutritionally poor (cornflakes or rice krispies, white bread, croissants and little pots of Muller Light). I've been trying to get a private room (I don't do well in dorms) at the YHA because the brekkie there is FAR more nutritious (I did stay there for a week when I arrived here, and my breakfast then was a bowl of grapefruit segments, followed by scrambled egg, 2 x bacon, 2 x sausage, beans and tomatoes. No toast because they only ever seemed to have white, too).

Pot (44g) Flanavan's Quick Oats (made with water)
Either mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries) or a banana, broken into pieces (no knife) or some dried apricots (though not too often because they play merry hell with my IBS)
A VERY small handful flaked almonds
Green tea (which, sometimes, I even remember to drink! )

Mid morning (if I'm hungry - sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not)

3 Nairn's fine-milled oatcakes (least calorific) spread with
2 x Laughing Cow Extra Light cheese triangles
Few dried apricots or a piece of fresh fruit (either a plum or a peach, or an apple or a nectarine)
Green tea

Lunch (between 1 and 3)

John West Light Lunch (either tuna or salmon)
More fruit and/or a Weight Watchers, or Shape, yoghurt
Green tea

Mid afternoon

Green tea and 2 or 3 Nairn's oat biscuits (mixed berry on the go at the moment)


Now this is tricky. Because of the lack of cooking facilities, I have been buying posh Pot Noodle type things from Tesco (I had a VERY nice veggie cous-cous one yesterday, to which I added a tin of John West Weight Watchers tuna in tomato & herb dressing). Obviously I'd NEVER eat real Pot Noodles - not least because I have a VERY severe MSG allergy.

Or I'd have another John West thing or even (when REALLY desperate) a small tin of beans and sausages or ravioli in tomato sauce.

However, when I was less strapped for cash, once or twice a week I'd go to Bar Burrito and treat myself to a chicken burrito with the lot (rice, mild beans, mild salsa (hey, I'm a wimp!), peppers, onions, guacamole, cheesel salad and sour cream. Well, not quite the lot - too much of a wimp for jalapenos! Then, once a week, it'd be over to the Odeon next door for a scoop of either chocolate fudge brownie frozen yoghurt or Mango Berry Swirl sorbet)

Basically what I'm wanting is a diet with the correct ratio of proteins:carbs:fats for someone who isn't exercising as much as she'd like, but still wants to lose a bit. Now I have access to a fridge, I can buy cottage cheese (which is good because I love it - Tesco do a really nice one with peach & pineapple in).

Can someone put me something together...? Not been out at all today the weather's been so foul (another reason I'm missing the gym - no excuse not to train then!)

I know my diet's FAR too low in the EFAs and protein depts at the moment, which is why I've come here for help!

I did manage to bring my My Protein supps supplies from Manchester, so advice on that would be good (but that's for another thread in another forum).

Cheers m'dears!


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    Re:Reposted here from w/l forum 'cause no replies. Probably in wrong place there. 2009/07/18 08:02:06 (permalink)
    Re-writing it so that its only a few lines long may help.

    I do a lot of push ups and sit ups. And I drink plenty of milk.

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    Re:Reposted here from w/l forum 'cause no replies. Probably in wrong place there. 2009/07/18 08:19:50 (permalink)
    Boss Redd

    Re-writing it so that its only a few lines long may help.

    Er, what's a "few lines" mean, Boss...? I am female. I suffer from chronic, acute, verbal diahorrea. I always err on the side of verbosity in case I omit something important. Which is better/worse? Over-verbosity or over-succinctness...?

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