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Result of 1st cutting cycle Test P

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2011/03/29 13:07:53 (permalink)

Result of 1st cutting cycle Test P

Just finished my 1st cutting cycle, this is how it looked:-

Test P 100mg eod (lixus)
metformin 1500 mg ed
PCT Nolva 60/40/20
Keto diet (no carbs)
Cardio loads................then none!!!

I dropped 16-20lbs, lost 2-3" of belly,lost about 3-4 % bodyfat( i think) and maintained on all muscles maybe added 1/4" here and there.
All round a very good cycle.....................Considering!!!!!!!!

Week 1 jabs spot on, very little pip, loads of cardio, heavy sets, no carbs easy dropped 6-8lbs
Week 2 EXTREME PIP in quad could not train legs at all and no cardio, dropped 2-4 lbs, no carbs HARD
Week 3 Still no leg work, lifting heavy, strength seems up energy rising no carbs easy, no cardio, dropped 1-2 lbs
Week 4 Legs better, lifting heavy, PB on deadlift 172 kg no carbs easy, boring, no cardio,
Week 5 EXTREAM PIP (1st calf shot) No leg work again!!! No energy but lifting heavy, no carbs boring, no cardio, dropped 1-2 lbs
Week 6 Still no leg work, struggling now to lift as heavy, just maintaining weight, no cardio no carbs
Week 7 Legs better, Really pushed now, cardio, heavy weights Looking better now body wise, dropped 1-2 lbs, skin started to really tighten up
Week 8 Good final week, Pb on deadlift 174kg, loads of energy, heavy lifting ,cardio skin very tight dropped 1-2lbs

All in all i am pleased, unsure about the pip, not infection but put my legs were out for 10-14 day x 2 which on a 60 days cycle isn't good, was amazed my strength went up considering dropping weight and no carbs, i really rate the keto diet and metformin to keep in ketosis. i will try and add some pics asap.

Now on nolva only PCT......the joy:)

Right staying off gear for a while, me and the wife start fertility treatment in 8-10 weeks, so i best keep off the juice.............for now.
Next cycle ideas mass bulk cycle i think Test/eq/deca maybe
catch you soon peeps

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    Re:Result of 1st cutting cycle Test P 2011/03/30 06:50:32 (permalink)
    Prop does cause PIP but I've never had it that bad mate. Worst I get is a dead leg for a day or so after a jab but can still train and do cardio.
    I've not used the lab that you used though so possibly issues with their prop.
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    Re:Result of 1st cutting cycle Test P 2011/03/31 12:16:18 (permalink)
    Wait is it me or does the maths not stack up here you lost 20lb which equated to approx 4% bodyfat how much did you weigh to start off with ?
    ps. you were brave jabbing your calf, not something i'd like to try if i'm honest.


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    Re:Result of 1st cutting cycle Test P 2011/03/31 15:40:28 (permalink)
    weighed around 15"10 ended up bout 14"6 ish, tbh i lost 4-6 lbs in 1st week, think no carbs did that nothing to retain water ?? dont really understand your question?? i am simple LOL
    And yeah dont think id be doing calf shots again, its the one thing i really cant understand, did 30 shots in total the one in quad and calf was insane, i have previosly jabbed in quad and loved it.....wierd the other 28 in bis,tri,delt, and glutes were pip free.......almost dodgy gear???who knows
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