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Retro games consoles and their future worth

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2014/12/14 10:53:05 (permalink)

Retro games consoles and their future worth

Morning guys and girls,

I have a mega drive with ten games and a boxed up n64 (no games). Currently I don't think they are worth a great deal but I was wondering what they would be worth in the next few years. Are they likely to go up in value by much? I also have a GameCube which I also want to keep hold of until it's retro.


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    Re: Retro games consoles and their future worth 2014/12/14 10:59:44 (permalink)
    I have the original Atari console, plus a 6 game one which pre dates it and doesn't even have a brand name on it, lol.
    Not sure if they'll be worth more than my zx81 or commodore 64 in the long run but they're a pain in the arrse for taking up storage room. :D
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    Re: Retro games consoles and their future worth 2014/12/14 12:00:51 (permalink)
    I know a guy who often buys consoles and keeps them in the original box to sell years later. He's made some decent profit from it, like selling for twice what he paid for. He's also always looking for promos and store discounts, so buys them new at a reduced price and even if he sells them right away he can still make a profit.
    I'm not so sure it'll work that well if the console is actually used, it's no longer much of a collectable.
    It'll always be a niche market anyway and it can take a while before a buyer for this kind of item comes around. Especially nowadays that most kids are too young to even know what a Mega Drive is (let alone a Spectrum or Atari) and can play more advanced games than that on their phones.
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    Re: Retro games consoles and their future worth 2014/12/14 12:01:39 (permalink)
    they all go for peanuts on ebay
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    Re: Retro games consoles and their future worth 2014/12/14 12:05:21 (permalink)
    depends on what you have, which games have you got for the mega drive?
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    Re: Retro games consoles and their future worth 2014/12/14 13:15:32 (permalink)
    Been a collector of Atari consoles/games for years. Can only see prices going 1 way in years to come.
    At present I've above 600 atari 2600 games. Most fully boxed and very decent nick
    Highlights are
    Obelix - cost £75 (rarety 10)
    Q*Berts qubes - £70 (rarety 9)
    2600 Diagnostic test cart - £45 (rarety 8)
    Chase the Chuckwagon £30 (rarety 8) - cart only
    Swordquest waterworld - £140 (rarety 9) .... There's 1 on ebay wanting £380 lol
    I got the Starpath supercharger cassette unit too plus all 10 Starpath games
    I collect 5200 & 7800 games as well but the library was quite limited due to the downfall of the Atari scene. Notable games here are Bounty Bob strikes back for the 5200, cost me £300  & Tank command for the 7800 costing £40
    I've multiple machines all boxed - 2600 woody, darth, slim, 5200, 7800.
    I've also got one of the few prototype white signed 7800's http://www.gamesniped.com/2008/05/06/atari-7800-signature-series-console
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    Re: Retro games consoles and their future worth 2014/12/14 13:35:58 (permalink)
    Personally if it's future sellability you're after, buy a games console and leave it in it's box unopened. The only ones that are worth money are the extremely rare or the mint condition unopened.
    The geek in me really wants one of these http://pxlbbq.com/wp-cont...-Prime-Playstation.jpg
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