Ridiculously red face during/after cardio.

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2008/01/23 13:48:33 (permalink)

Ridiculously red face during/after cardio.

Hi all,

Decided to finally make my first post !

Basically, for a long time now when I'm doing cardio (primarily on the treadmill) after a good 10+ minutes or so of running my face gradually begins to turn red. Eventually after pushing myself for as long as my mind and body can withstand (35-45 minutes at the moment) my face is a ridiculously red colour!

I have pretty decent biology knowledge (A level/university) and know that this is one of my body's solutions to losing some heat. Vasodilation makes the capillaries under my skin come effectively closer to the surface so that heat conduction, and therefore loss, is more effective. But.. I go seriously red! ---->

So I was wondering if anyone knew if it was related to other factors apart from this, such as reduced/increased blood cell content, a high blood pressure, and so forth. Anyone else ever had the same query? Will it get "better" with more exercise? Etc.

Any input is always much appreciated ! Anyways late for my lecture, so thanks in advance.


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    RE: Ridiculously red face during/after cardio. 2008/01/23 13:54:26 (permalink)

    Hey mate, I've always gone red, look like a lobster :-) As my fitness level has gone up over the years it takes me longer to go red but if I really push it I still go red and look terrible like I haven't exercised in 10 years!!!!
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    RE: Ridiculously red face during/after cardio. 2008/01/28 04:21:44 (permalink)
    Could be pre-disposed to high blood pressure, have you been checked recently? If all is fine there more than likely just the cards you have been dealt
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    RE: Ridiculously red face during/after cardio. 2008/01/28 12:32:46 (permalink)
    I go really red as well, I only run 2 miles on every morning, when I get in I look like I've just been to the sun on holiday.

    I would say i'm very unfit at the moment, I hope the red calms down as I get fitter.
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    RE: Ridiculously red face during/after cardio. 2008/01/28 18:17:40 (permalink)
    Well I go almost purple, so there!

    I was like that even when I was training 6 days a week and doing a lot of cardio, so I hardly think I was unfit.

    My blood pressure is textbook perfect as well.

    Just think it's probably one of those things you are predisposed to...unfortunately
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