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Routine & Diet feedback?

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2007/06/11 19:43:09 (permalink)

Routine & Diet feedback?

Hi all,
Any comments or advise on my routine?

I started exercising about a year ago and lost plenty of weight but no change in apprearange or overall body shape so have started to get serious, any advice is appreciated!

Started this about a 2/3 months ago so forgive me if I dont know all the right names etc

I'm 6', 94kg, looking to lose some(well a good bit) body fat and build some lean muscle. (same as most I guess!)


Each work out begins with 15mins warm up on bike/threadmill then, 3 sets of 8 (resting 60 secs after each set) at the heaviest weight I can do 8 reps, I do the following:

Monday -

- Incline Dumbell Press
- Pec Dec Fly Machine
- Dumbell lifting straight out in front (lateral raise?)
- Rear Delt Row machine
- Lat Pulldown
- Seated Row Machine (I think)

Repeat 3 times


Bicep Curl (Dumbells)
Tricep Kickback (Dumbell)

Rope Tri Pulldown
Rope Hammer Curl

3 times

Wed - Break

Squats (using the machine)
Leg Extensions
Hamstring Curls

3 times

Friday - Break

Saturday - Try do some cardio, but this often gets skipped if I got something on

Sunday - Break

Looking to add some core work



Been working hard at this for about a month now:

Breakfast (8.30) - 2 Weetabix, a banana & a protein shake
Snack (11.00) - Some Almonds
Lunch (12.30) - Salad (no dressing) and meat (usually chicken)
Snack (3.00) - Can of Tuna & a mandrin
Dinner (6.00, pre gym) - Fish/Turkey/Chicken, Veg, Brown Rice
Gym (8.00 - 9.30)
Post Gym (9.30) - Shake (37g Protein, 70g Carbs)
Snack (10.30) - 2 eggs (1 yolk), Spinnach, Whole wheat toast (1)

On non-gym days I swap lunch and dinner and lose the Post Gym Shake and the toast at night.


I'm pretty new to all this so advice is welcomed!

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    RE: Routine & Diet feedback? 2007/06/11 23:04:14 (permalink)

    okay - here's my mish-mash of comments

    you lost plenty of weight, but no overall change in apprearance - I cant believe that.

    Diet looks pretty good mate, - maybe add some sort of protein at 11.

    Well, I'm not overly keen on the structure of the routine.

    Back is a very big muscle group - and you're hitting it last, - after you're probably fatigued from the first two exercises. There's too much volume done on Monday,

    Monday you're hitting chest, back and shoulders, - thats'a a lot of muscle mass, - then tuesday, its only you're hitting a small muscle group.. - not only that, - your arms were working hard the day before
    If you've being doing that for 3 months then I would say that maybe it's time for a change anyway.

    I would do free-standing squats, - consider stiff legged deadlifts instead of ham curls, - possible add some calf work.

    Mix it around a little, - you've been doing incline db press, - swap for flat db press, or flat barbell bench. I would personally forget the pec dec machine completely.

    Forget the db's lifting straight out in front, - these hit the front delts, - already hit hard from benching, - front delts get loads of indirect work, - they're only small, dont overtrain them. Change to some sort of over head pressing movement

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    RE: Routine & Diet feedback? 2007/06/13 13:59:47 (permalink)
    Thanks for advice mate - was thinking it was time to change it up a bit! I'll move back to Tuesday for starters!
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