Routine, diet and progress critique

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2019/02/11 12:09:28 (permalink)

Routine, diet and progress critique

Hey all,
Have been back to lifting for a couple of months now, after taking a few months off due to foot and lower back issues.
My aims are to get my lifts back up while remaining injury free and adding as much lean mass as possible.

Just want thoughts on my routine and diet, and see how I should improve, as my progress has not been as good as I wanted.

Starting stats:
Age: 34
Height: 5ft 9
Weight: 70kg
BF: FitQuest machine at the gym said 8%, but in reality more like 12/13%
Lifts before injuries for 3x5 were roughly: bench: 90kg, squat 110kg, deadlift 140kg, OHP 60kg

After 2months on this setup:
Height: still 5ft 9
Weight: 73kg
BF: FitQuest machine at the gym now says 11%, but by eye more like 14/15%
Bench press: 92.5kg
Row: 72.5kg
Squat: 90kg
OHP: 55kg
Pull up: +22kg Dumbbell in between legs
Deadlift: avoiding this for now
My job is sedentary, but i do around 10k steps every day.

I track most my meals on MyFitnessPal and aim for the following "LeanGains" setup.
Fasting only on rest days, as i struggle to get all my food in on training days.

- Training Days: 3400calories (150g protein/500g carbs/60g fat) over 4 meals 10am, 1pm, 4pm & 9pm
- Rest Days: 2500calories (150g protein/150g fat/100g carbs) over 3 meals 1pm, 4pm & 9pm

I do sneak in some dark chocolate and whiskey here and there which i don't track. So usually a bit over those numbers...
I sleep on average 6/7 interrupted hours a night (father of one).

Monday (Full body heavy horizontal, light vertical)
Squat  RPT 6, 8, 10
Bench  RPT 6, 8, 10
Row     RPT 6, 8, 10
Dumbbell Shoulder press 2x12
Bodyweight Chin ups       2xFailure
Calfs      3x15

Wednesday (Full body heavy vertical, light horizontal)
Squat    RPT 6, 8, 10
OHP      RPT 6, 8, 10
Pull ups RPT 6, 8, 10
DB Bench         2x12-15
DB row             2x12-15
Cable crunches  3x12-15

Friday (Full body push)
Incline bench   RPT 8, 10, 12
Decline bench           3x12
Peck deck                 2x15
Bulgarian Split Squat  4x12
Leg Extension            3x12
Arnold Press              3x12
Lateral Raises            2x12
Rope Pushdowns        3x12

Saturday (Full body pull)
Lat pulldown        RPT 8, 10, 12
Seated Row                3x12
Single Arm Cable Row 3x12
Romanian Deadlift      3x10
Lying Leg Curl            3x12
Preacher Curl             2x12
Hammer Curl             2x12
Shrugs                      2x12 
Facepull                     2x12

* RPT being reverse pyramid (heaviest set first, then decrease weight 10% and try get 2 more reps for each set). Decided to switch to this from 5x5 or 3x5 to avoid injury, and maximise muscle gain. I increase the weight if i hit the 6 reps on first set.

Although I have recovered a lot of strength, and put on some kgs, I feel that most of the weight is just water weight and fat (as i was on a low carb diet before, and now back on carbs + creatine). I feel achy a lot, specially lower back still... so wondering how i can improve my setup. 

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