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Serious advice required pls...

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2005/07/26 15:31:26 (permalink)

Serious advice required pls...

Hi all,

First post on this excellent forum, looks like a great resource for knowledge on bodybuilding and fitness.

Im after some SERIOUS advice at the moment. My 9yr old son died last year following a severe asthma attack and this year on the anniversary of his death, Im planning on doing an event which will help to raise 50k required for some equipment that the asthma charity I donate to require.

The event Im planning is quite simple really, and it involves lifting a total weight of 50 tons over the course of a day whilst in my local gym. My girlfriend is also doing a 50K walk on the same day in the gym, again to help raise money.

My background is that Im a regular gym goer, more on the bodybuilding side of things with some moerate cardio thrown in each session, and I class myself as being in good condition. Im 32 yrs old, natural, and with no injuries of health complaints. 6ft tall and roughly 14st in weight, not a lot of fat.

I used to be far more serious about 6-7yrs ago towards bodybuilding and tried the steroid route with great gains etc but couldnt see myself continually on the drugs so decided to stay natural after a few years of them.

the advice Im after is more towards nutrition. Im estimating that if I do a full circuit of my gym ( which encompassess machines and free weights ) and also covers all bodyparts, then I will perhaps need to do a total of ten circuits to reach the 50 ton mark which is a fair old amount of weight in one day.

My current diet is healthy, and consists of low fat foods, mostly proteins, with a little carb and a high protein promax supplement as a protein shake.

Ive never attempted this before but would love to be able to do it as it would be a very emotional thing for me and would hopefully raise a big chunk of money for the asthma charity so I need advice.
What kind of fluids do you guys think I should intake, at what intervals, should I eat every half hour perhaps, what kind of foods... fruits carbs or proteins, should I take rest breaks, moderate weights and high reps, or high to low...

As you can see Im really after some sound advice from you guys on here who im sure do this far more professionally than me so are therefore the best people to ask for advice rather than the spotty faced so called "instructors" at my gym lol.

Many thanks for any advice,



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    RE: Serious advice required pls... 2005/07/26 16:01:37 (permalink)
    some kind of sports drink to help replace fluid and give energy. I am sure others can give better answers but i hope it goes really well for you, i am sure it will be a tough day.
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    RE: Serious advice required pls... 2005/07/26 21:39:17 (permalink)
    I would recommend a check up at the doctors before you do it, just to check blood pressure etc.
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    RE: Serious advice required pls... 2005/07/27 09:14:40 (permalink)
    Lots of Isotonic drinks such as luzocade sport. If you chug down a few protein shakes too that’d be good (say hourly).

    Also fruits are good at replacing your carbs, however hold back a little as they can easily “fill you up”.

    EDIT: Oh and good luck, great cause! Let us know how it goes.
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    RE: Serious advice required pls... 2005/07/27 11:25:15 (permalink)
    Good luck with it mate, great thing your doing.

    Id recommend mostly water, with some occasional Isotonic drinks every so often, as with long training they can make you sick, and the sugar can sometimes hinder more than help, but that is mostly something that differs from each individual, so esperiment beforehand to see what you feel better with.

    Id also say keep the reps moderate, as High reps means you will probably be painfully pumped very quickly and heavy weight which will get you to the 50ton quicker, might be very harsh on your joints, and possibly increase an injury risk, but that also depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

    All the best.
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    RE: Serious advice required pls... 2005/07/27 11:30:18 (permalink)
    hi nick
    welcome to the board mate
    great post and great cause

    although not dierctly linked i have added a document below that may offer some training that is slightly more suitable as its fitness come weight based stuff to prepare for the military
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    RE: Serious advice required pls... 2005/08/01 17:10:59 (permalink)
    Many thanks for the replies folks... have been away for a few days so apologies for not thanking you all sooner.

    I think the general concensus is fruits, energy drinks, and short rests. Ill also ensure that I eat enough normal food during the day as well as the last thing I want is to feel weak when doing this.

    Many thanks and Ill let you all know how it goes.


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