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Shoulder Training

This article was written by Darran Stanesby, disabled bodybuilding and strongman champion & was originally published in The MuscleTalker May 2011 edition
Many of us, me included, have gone through the 'monster weight theory', chucking dumbbells around which are just too heavy to perform true and productive reps. So, before we go anywhere when you perform this routine, pick a nice weight which you can perform as near a perfect rep as possible.

Seated Barbell Press with a fixed barbell not Smiths machine - 4 x 20
Press a steady pace to the front and then to the back of the head - that's back of head, not neck; don't go too deep! Keep the pressure on the delts at all times.

Dumbbell Side-Laterals - 4 x 20
Put the barbell down in front of where you are sitting and go straight into dumbbell side lateral raises. Again this is about style so sit up right: no flapping like a bird, keep the reps strict and the dumbbell weight manageable.

Use these two exercises as a superset; i.e. one set of shoulder press to front and back and straight into strict side dumbbell lateral raises, but still do 4 sets!

Seated Front Raises with a Kettlebell - 4 x 20
Sitting on the edge of a bench, use a kettlebell of moderate weight, your grip should be both hands over top of bell handle. Keep a slight bed in your arms and raise slowly till arms are parallel with your chin, then lower slowly.

Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raises - 4 x 20
Again stay on the edge of the bench, dumbbells of a moderate weight and perform these in a strict style; no whipping action from your back. If you're doing this, the dumbbells are too heavy!

You can also use these two seated shoulder exercises as a superset, alternating between front raises then straight into strict side lateral raises.

Cables Cross Over for Rear Delts - 4 x 20
When you perform this exercise, ensure you stand tall and only use your shoulders to control the movement; you should feel your rear delts especially, so don't lean forward!

Dumbbell Shrugs - 4 x 20
Use a good weight and raise the dumbbells with your traps. Perform this in front of a mirror so you can actually see your traps working. Performed properly with a good weight, you should see great pump within your traps.

As before, you can always use the Cable Cross Overs and Dumbbell Shrugs as a superset together and, if you choose to do this full routine as a superset shoulders day, you should really know you've trained hard!

James Collier


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