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Shoulder routine please check.

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2004/01/02 21:38:35 (permalink)

Shoulder routine please check.

Hi I,ve been training for over a year and am about to start fresh for 2004. I want to use this routine. Do you think its fine for shoulders.

Seated dumbell Press 4sets
Barbell Upright Row 4sets
Front Barbell Press 4sets
Side Lateral Raises 4sets
Rear Delts 4sets

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    Frankie NY
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    RE: Shoulder routine please check. 2004/01/02 23:26:12 (permalink)

    20 sets for shoulders? Are you pulling our legs (kidding) or are you seriously proposing this routine? I ask because I know British and American humour are very different. No offense is intended here.

    That's way too much volume for shoulders. First, shoulders are a small muscle and don't need that much volume. Second, your shoulders are worked intensely every time you work chest, back, and even during squats. 4 or 5 sets of 5-6 reps of barbell or dumbbell shoulder presses once a week is all the shoulder volume you need to build massive delts.

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    RE: Shoulder routine please check. 2004/01/03 02:33:57 (permalink)
    agree to much volume, something like below would be fine IMO.

    Shoulder Press - 3 sets
    lateral raise - 2 sets
    bent over lateral raise - 2-3 sets
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    RE: Shoulder routine please check. 2004/01/03 03:00:23 (permalink)
    what do you all think of Arnold presses or Schwarzenegger's or whatever you want to call them? i do them when i do shoulders and i seem to like the results.
    jack hammer
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    RE: Shoulder routine please check. 2004/01/03 04:13:52 (permalink)
    what do you all think of Arnold presses or Schwarzenegger's or
    I think they are crap! They work through two planes of motion and beg for injury, imo. Do not waste your time with these and use dumbell or barbell presses instead.
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    RE: Shoulder routine please check. 2004/01/03 11:01:43 (permalink)
    All you need is barbell/dumbbell presses,

    The biggest problem i sense with questions on the board at the moment and over the past year is thinking you must train like the pro's, or as Flex tells you. The pro's routines are usually made up to make us think that they are supermen, well they are to an extent in terms of geneitcs but there is no reason for us to train like them, we just don't have their recovery ability.

    20 sets for shoulders directly is a accident waiting to happen, becuase your shoulders get alot of indirect work, from training, chest, back and arms and legs to a degree. If you did adopt a routine along those lines then you would ost likely overtrain, but you could also wind up with a pretty serious injury and/or actually losing muscle.

    Just read Frnakie's post on the 5x5 routine, that is all you need. point simple, point blank!
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