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Skinny fat Protocol for new year

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2014/12/26 18:14:00 (permalink)

Skinny fat Protocol for new year

Hi everyone
I'm putting in place a plan for tomorrow to start back up the gym. And wanted some expert advice.
Goal: Improve lean body mass, lower body fat, improve body composition.
Height: 5ft 5
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Weight: 165
Activity level- weights 4 x per week, work a desk IT Job. Train AM 7:30AM
Lean body weight is low, around 120 lbs
General energy levels good in mornings on empty stomach, don't do well on big carb breakfasts seemed to get tired.
Energy levels evening poor, tend to avoid doing much through week apart from football once per week.
Multi Vitamin 1 x
Whey Protein
Fish Oil 3 x
BMR 1680
Activity Level x 1.2=
Maintenance  roughly 2000 calories.
15% deficit to 1700 calories.
Protein= 170g
Carbs 80g
Fat 75g
4 meals per day
Split: Upper/lower- mon/tues/thur/fri
Cardio: Limited to Football evening 1 x, wednesday interval and 1 post workout monday 20-30 minutes stepper etc.
Lowering carbs due to previous success with keto style, low carb diets before. For me they arn't sustainable. Sticking to lower still but increasing fats.
Trying to keep calories higher as I don't have a good physique, little muscle mass, and don't want to cut to a tooth pick. Hoping to take advantage of newbie gains as I haven't trained properly for years this is why i'm limiting huge amounts of cardio and sticking initally for 3 days, plus it gives me some manoeuvring in terms of hitting any drawbacks early on thus being able to increase cardio before lowering carbs etc.
Going to potentially add in something like Intermittent fasting between 7:30pm and 10:30Am, but this is open to dicussion. No planning on carb cycling. Essentially want to clean up diet and strength train but working with a good diet will do wonders.
calories how do they look?
Anything I can change or add?
any tips, or advice would be great. 

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    Re: Skinny fat Protocol for new year 2014/12/27 09:32:15 (permalink)
    I never count calories so I can't comment on them. I just go by changes in body comp ie: fat gain.
    But you say you have little muscle mass so imo I'd make your priority this coming year to add muscle which will mean better fat burning abilities (higher resting metabolic rate).
    Like you my energy is fine in the mornings with an empty stomach. I tend to have my carbs in the evening when energy levels might be lowering so I'm never going to bed hungry or waking up weak for training. I have no carbs before 3pm usually and then it's only something small. This has worked best for me for fat loss and energy.
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    Re: Skinny fat Protocol for new year 2014/12/27 13:27:51 (permalink)
    Ye, I would definitely increase calories... I can tell you from my own experience that cutting from skinny fat is not going to work. As WhiteSnake pointed out, it'll be much easier to cut once you got some muscle.
    Otherwise it looks good, I also noticed that too much carbs doesn't go well with me.
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