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Skipping for cardio?

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2009/07/23 14:15:35 (permalink)

Skipping for cardio?

Is this any good?
I need to find a way of doing cardio at home.  I'm running now, but when the dark nights come around and bad weather, I need something else.
I'm thinking it's cheap, and could be a quick workout?
I'm guessing the best way is to treat this like HIIT?

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    Re:Skipping for cardio? 2009/07/23 14:24:53 (permalink)
    I am sure I have read skipping is actually one of the best forms of cardio.... however I dont do it, because I am **** at it lol
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    Re:Skipping for cardio? 2009/07/23 14:26:50 (permalink)
    i dont know if its true but apparently skipping burns more calories than running so thats an added benifit.

    i used to skip quite a bit and integrate it with boxing. it would be 5 minutes skipping, 1 minute rest, 2 minutes boxing, 1 minute rest and id repeat 4 - 6 times, towards the end i got up to doing it 8 times. so yeh id treat it as HIIT mate.
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    Re:Skipping for cardio? 2009/07/23 15:38:13 (permalink)
    Skipping is a great form of cardio if you have the co-ordination to not trip over yourself and break your leg, as I suspect I would.
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    Re:Skipping for cardio? 2009/07/23 16:11:08 (permalink)
    Skipping is a great form of cardio, and has the added benefit of improvement - Anyone can run from the age of 3, you don't really get better at it you just do it, whereas with skipping the initial learning curve is so steep that it's actually fun and you want to do it more so you can progress.

    Then when you've learnt all the basics and you start watching Floyd Mayweather and Buddy Lee video's you want to get even better.
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    Re:Skipping for cardio? 2009/07/23 16:38:17 (permalink)
    Yes skipping is definatley one one the best forms of cardio ime.. I find that it's a great way to burn fat and build fitness levels, i usually do 3x3 minute rounds with thirty second break inbetween each round, as a warm up before i do hiit on x trainer... When i first started learning to skip it seemed tthe hardest thing to do ever!!! You'll get the hang of it as long as you put te practice in..... Now i'm like rocky!! Double unders, crossovers the lot haha

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