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So finally going to cut, help appreciated please :)

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2009/07/19 20:50:18 (permalink)

So finally going to cut, help appreciated please :)

Hi all

Well for the last seven months I've been bulking, and have put on a lot of good weight, probably more than I planned too to be honest, but as well as that, I've also put on a fair bit of bad weight. I've gone from 81kg to 90kg, and basically, I would have liked to continue bulking, but I am getting quite a big belly now so I'm going to cut down to 10-12% and begin another bulk.

Currently I'm eating 3500kcal a day, clean bulking (mostly, the odd cheat meal some weeks), and plan to go down to about 2400kcal. Now obviously this is 1000 less than I'm currently eating, and my supposed maintenance level for my weight and activity level is 3200kcal

I only plan to cut for 3 months, how much muscle can I expect to lose in that time?

The diet I intended to follow is:

6am - 25g whey
6:45am - Cardio
7:30am - 30g oats w/ semi skimmed milk, low fat yoghurt, 3x omega3 caps
10am - Handful of unsalted nuts, apple
12pm - Small salad, 25g whey
1pm - Workout
2pm - 25g whey, banana, 3x omega3 caps
5pm - 2 chicken breasts and plenty of veg, low fat yoghurt
7.30pm - 150g cottage cheese, tin of tuna in brine, 3x omega3 caps
9pm - 15g oats, 25g whey

As for the cardio, I'm going to do steady state cardio for 40 minutes each morning, as well as my normal work out plan at lunchtimes

Can I expect to see quick progress with this? I'm currently at 21% bf. At 21% how long do you expect it to take to get to 12%

Thanks guys

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    Re:So finally going to cut, help appreciated please :) 2009/07/19 21:37:07 (permalink)
    Im no expert, I have basic knowledge of a cutting diet so ill state what I THINK may work better for you.

    You should have the 6a.m whey at 7.30a.m

    At 10a.m id add some slow release carbs just to fuel the workout

    At 2p.m i'd add glucose to the shake (25g) 

    Have the 7.30pm meal at 9pm

    I dont think there's any need for your original 9 o'clock meal, you dont need the extra whey here as you'll have 2 chicken breasts a couple of hours earlier.

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    Re:So finally going to cut, help appreciated please :) 2009/07/20 02:09:44 (permalink)
    Pre-workout carbs wouldn't go amiss
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