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So, folks, how's this looking now...? Any cop...? Revised diet plan within!

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2009/07/20 10:55:21 (permalink)

So, folks, how's this looking now...? Any cop...? Revised diet plan within!

'nother sleepless night (thanks to a gang of teenage feckwits screaming outside my window until about 20 mins ago! Were either side playing yesterday?)) so I decided to give myself a Damned Good Talking-To and sort my diet out. Posting it here, 'cause I'm amongst me own species...

Right this is what I have

Meal 1

50g porridge with 1x25g scoop MP Whey Isolate (question: - I make my porridge with water, is the heat going to affect the protein at all (as it's undenatured)? Would it be better to NOT have it mixed with the oats and have it as a shake? If yes, what's better/best? 100% water/100% skimmed milk/50/50?
Probably still add some fruit (raspberries or a banana)
Green tea
Phase 2/Thermopure/CLA/Sesamin

Meal 2

100g lean chicken breast (bought ready cooked, but the weight will have to be guesstimated as I don't have any scales at the moment, unless anyone can tell me how to make the estimate more accurate?)
100g low-fat cottage cheese (again guesstimated)
Green tea

Meal 3


Meal 4

Tuna salad made with 1 tin JW tuna in water, rocket, spinach, watercress and chard. Few cashews (but I don't know what oil to use for the dressing - anyone?)
Supps as brekkie ('cept for multivit)
Green tea

Meal 5

This will either be my last meal (in which case, I'll finish the cottage cheese) or penultimate, in which case it'll be a shake made with 50/50 milk/water.
More green tea (unless after 6pm, then no green tea!)
Sesamin/Phase 2/CLA

Meal 6

Cottage cheese

So folks, how's that looking (just hope I'm able to get the storage sorted out so I can stick to it)!

I've only ordered 1kg of WI (smooth choc - was going to go for raspberry, but the choccie seemed to get the ravest reviews in the reviews section on MP's site, the raspberry wasn't so good...) due to storage problems and I don't want to waste money on a 2.5kg bag in case I hate it (I'm fickle; wish they did a selection - I may very well be in the mood for choccie today - but it could be banana or strawberry tomorrow and vanilla the day after!)

So, any cop...? If not, where am I still going wrong...?

Cheers, friends!

Sarah xxx

P.S. Got to go back to the dental hospital today to discuss sedation methods with my consultant (need to have 4 teeth out this time round, need half me gob removing in total!) and will be making an appt with a doc at the surgery over the road at the same time, to discuss ways to help me sleep for a start (and to try to sort my IBS out, too!)

P.P.S. Now you can see me in all my flabby glory! Actually, that's me this time last year. Using it because I'm trying to keep myself on the straight and narrow by showing the world what I USED to look like. I'm still flabby, just not as large...


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    Re:So, folks, how's this looking now...? Any cop...? Revised diet plan within! 2009/07/20 16:40:41 (permalink)
    How is it you are able to afford all of these supplements yet cannot buy a little mini hob to cook things on?
    Big M!
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    Re:So, folks, how's this looking now...? Any cop...? Revised diet plan within! 2009/07/20 19:05:55 (permalink)
    ill help you but i got one question, is that you in your picture?
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