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Somatropin 100iu Help PLEASE

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2011/03/21 22:39:24 (permalink)

Somatropin 100iu Help PLEASE

Hi guys,
First off let me say if my questions have been answerd in a post thats alread been put up im sorry as im new to the site.
im 6.2 29yrs old 18stone
can someone please tell me the dangers of Somatropin, ive got 100iu ive done some much research on it before i got it and was ready to take my shot and my mate says it makes you prodouce more insulin which can kill you is this true? i was gonna run 4iu daily.
i used to take 200mg of deca a week with 30mg of dbol aday so im not new to this. any help would be great

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    Re:Somatropin 100iu Help PLEASE 2011/03/21 23:20:49 (permalink)
    Your mates talking biscuits. Absolute bollocks.

    4iu daily won't do yu any harm, you might get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but that will cease when you stop running hgh, i didn't suffer with it personally but some do. If you do then just drop the dose to 2iu ED for a few weeks then increase dose again and see if the situation improves.

    Running hgh alone is not really that impressive though tbh mate, 100iu won't get you very far at all. 5 weeks will produce limited results, it's a slow and subtle process with hgh.
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    Re:Somatropin 100iu Help PLEASE 2011/03/22 02:20:07 (permalink)
    No, this will no kill you. Here is what happens. Your body will produce more IGF - 1 and this only prevents your body from stopping tumors as easily. If you don't get tumors in the first place then your fine as far as that goes with HGH supplements. I would recommend that you just do as instructed on bottle and also no that there is no long term studies done on human growth hormone or somatropin.
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    Re:Somatropin 100iu Help PLEASE 2011/09/08 08:15:29 (permalink)
    Yes its ok to mix
    This tumours/cancer stories that you are talking about is one of those things that has snowballed by internet rumours .
    I remember reading over on UKM when the original study was posted IIRC it was on mice who had been subjected to extreme high dose of HGH over a very long time nothing ever related to humans , Yes it could happen if you were unlucky but more likely if you was doing a GH blast . But then who could say it was defiantly the GH .
    So calm down mate you will be fine  
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