Squats vs Leg Press

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2004/03/23 14:44:43 (permalink)

Squats vs Leg Press

Which is better for LEG mass?

Note the stress on LEG not OVERALL mass of the body, as the winner there is obvious. Also note that this is in the Bodybuilding routines section NOT the Power and Strength one, so please keep the discussion to the point.

Why are squats considered to be a better LEG mass builder than Leg press?

I ask because I have seen quite a lot of people state that they can leg press considerably more than they could squat, (even including the weight of their body). Surely if you apply the principle that the greatest muscular growth will be acheived by using the highest load then the leg press should stimulate more growth in the leg muscles than the squat can, since you use a considerably heavier weight. Or is it a case that the extra stabilisation required within the legs to balance the weight in a squat compensates for the effect of the reduced load.



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    RE: Squats vs Leg Press 2004/03/23 15:43:48 (permalink)
    you can definitely leg press much more than squat but it doesn't feel heavy compared to when your squatting i think. go put 400 lbs. on the squat bar then go put 400 on the leg press and it feels like your doing nothing the leg press. im not sure which would be better.
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    RE: Squats vs Leg Press 2004/03/23 15:46:23 (permalink)
    With years of a dodgey back plagueing my squats (and DLs) I have relied heavily on the leg press in the past. Glute developement from them has been OTT, quad developement, despite being fairly strong on them (over .5 tonne in some cases) has not been so rewarding.

    Squatting however, particularly front squatting, has produced very satisfying gains whenever I have been able to incorporate them (which has been fairly regularly the last couple of years). I would assume this is a combination of muscular (fibre) recruitment, GH and IGF-1 stiulation.....

    The fact that they (squats) are, as you say, the best over all mass developer, does immediately imply that that overall mass will also be proportioned to the quads anyway, so you have in part answered your own Q.

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    RE: Squats vs Leg Press 2004/03/23 16:11:45 (permalink)
    It depends what leg press you use, i've used the hammer strength iso lateral machine and it's far superior to any other leg press i've used. you can only use about half the weight of the more traditional angled type and it works the legs and glutes very intensely.
    So in this case i would say it's better than squats and also safer.
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    RE: Squats vs Leg Press 2004/03/23 22:45:25 (permalink)
    Originally posted by dirtyvest

    With years of a dodgey back plagueing my squats (and DLs) I have relied heavily on the leg press in the past. Glute developement from them has been OTT

    I'm sure I read somewhere that foot position on the platform when leg pressing can shift the emphasis from glutes to quads, as I'm someone who already has wide-load across their arse... anyone enlighten me on this?
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    RE: Squats vs Leg Press 2004/03/24 00:18:47 (permalink)

    near the middle Frankie mentions how the wider stance develops the glutes
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    RE: Squats vs Leg Press 2004/03/26 03:54:03 (permalink)
    leg press hurts my knees. i've gotten pretty good growth out of doing squats.
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    RE: Squats vs Leg Press 2004/03/28 04:29:06 (permalink)
    I like the press mainly because of my old back injury but if I was training for compitition I would probably go with squats.
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