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2005/07/24 23:43:55 (permalink)


Just out of interest after watching a WWII prog when PWOs died of starvation does that technically mean the body had used up all its fat and muscle stores and simply could not sustain its functions?

I thought the brain was powered solely by carbs,surely after starving for a few days you'd be a zombie? let alone the months these guys worked.Poor buggers,brave tough buggers to BTW.

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    RE: Starvation 2005/07/24 23:51:39 (permalink)
    In periods of starvation the brain adapts and can run (less efficiently) on ketone bodies from fat burning. Thats what happens on severely carb restricted diets. Atkin's zombies!
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    RE: Starvation 2005/07/25 00:23:03 (permalink)
    Protein can be converted to glucose..so the body will get it from the muscle tissue..and break it down.

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    RE: Starvation 2005/07/25 00:34:32 (permalink)
    The body is a very complex structure that CAN and DOES adapt to anything you put it through. IMHO it doesnt matter which diet you are doing you have to change it to keep making changes to your body.
    I dont completely disagree with the atkins diet. It just doesn't fit in with a bodybuilders diet. If you are a complete fat bastard (as I WAS) it can be a great stepping stone to get you away from eating take away food for starters.
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    RE: Starvation 2005/07/25 10:43:50 (permalink)
    they probably died of low micronutrients or salt loss. Though in extremes the body will start breaking down organs for fuel, effectively eating itself.


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