Stealing from work

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2014/12/17 19:15:02 (permalink)

Stealing from work

Iv been off on a days holiday from work today and got a call about 1ish asking if I had moved some powerdrills that were in a locked compound. I hadn't, but I had used on the drills on Monday, there was 3 or 4 in the box if I remember correctly.

I told my supervisor I had used one on Monday (I said to him on Monday when I was doing some repairs "il use one of them drills in the compound" so he knew I had already) only me and him have keys for the compound. The compound is at a builders merchants in the back of the yard so anyone that comes into the yard to buy building materials can see it or get to it,but not in it.
The box was at the back of the compound with the drills in, it's all fenced of by that vertical metal fencing about 4inch wide with with enough of a gap between each post to get your hand threw, which I'm guessing is what has happened. Someone must of seen the box and thought they'd stick there hand threw and open it and see what's in it, then nicked the drills, chargers and all.

Thing is iv only worked there about 3 months and the box has been there since I started working there, and as far as Im aware know one has ever used them except me on Monday then 2 days later (today) someone sees there all missing! Now if I was someone else at my work I'd be instantly pointing the finger at me, but I'm the only person that knows it wasn't!

Its been pi55ing me off all day and has completely fcuked my day up. They were all brand new and probably over £1k all together. I'm just going to suggest when I go in tomorrow that they ring the police and see if they can do anything, get fingerprints off the box or the fence or something, they don't have CCTV anywhere as far as I know.

Anyone else got any ideas?

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    Re: Stealing from work 2014/12/17 19:22:06 (permalink)
    Suggest everything you can to help them.
    You know its not you, the problem is as you say its pointing towards you but show them the gap at the back.
    There is nothing they can do as it wasnt you so they have nothing to show it was you and the burdon of proof is on them.

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    Re: Stealing from work 2014/12/17 20:05:29 (permalink)
    The people i wakeboard with had their boat hut broke into by pikeys and had a load of stuff nicked. The police said they wont come out unless there's blood


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    Re: Stealing from work 2014/12/18 00:33:56 (permalink)
    Good luck getting rid of the drills 

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    Re: Stealing from work 2014/12/18 00:41:11 (permalink)
    id just give them back to be honest 
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