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Stomach and Moobs Area

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2009/07/23 07:05:19 (permalink)

Stomach and Moobs Area

Hi All,
I am new to working out and also new on here.
I am looking for some good tips hopefullt to try and get myself in a better shape.
I know its a short deadline but I have 6 weeks in order to at least improve my Stomach and Chest area some.
I am about 5ft 7" and weigh about 11st 8lbs, most areas of my body are fine and just need toning up a bit, but my stomach and chest area is a bit flabby and want to get something sorted.
I am currently doing a gym workout with lasts about an hour and this happens three times a week and start about 2 weeks ago and going good, although I am not sure if doing the right excercises for muscling up so to speak.
However, I want to lose this weight form my chest and chest area and with the small deadline am looking for tips.
The only thing I do at the moment is some crunches while doing the gym whch consist of 3 sets of 15 crunches which I know is not much at the moment.
But what I am asking is because of my deadline is ther certain things I can do short term and then get into a better routine when back off holiday more permantly.
I have thought of running but not sure how long for, also got a bike and got a cross trainer at home but the speedo is broke and only has one manual setting now which has no resistance
Cheers for any help at all
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    Re:Stomach and Moobs Area 2009/07/23 17:52:22 (permalink)
    There's quite a lot of things wrong with this post:

    1) You cannot isolate specific areas for fat loss. Your body has a certain level of fat stored in it, if you eat less calories than you burn then this level of fat will go down. But you can't say 'oh I want to burn fat from my chest and stomach, and not from anywhere else' - it doesn't work like that.

    just need toning up a bit
    - this means nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you look at a guy with a really good physique, you might describe him as 'toned', yes. But why is this? It's because he has big muscles, and because has a low level of body fat which allows those muscles to become visible, therefore giving him a 'toned' appearance. There are two things you can do then: Build muscle and Lose fat. You can't just 'tone' your existing muscles, that doesn't mean anything, think about it. You need to make them bigger, and then burn off the fat around them, and then you will look 'toned' as you say.

    3) Crunches are not cardio. You will not burn off fat anywhere by doing crunches. Crunches (like sit-ups, leg raises, etc.) are an exercise to strengthen your core and increase muscles mass in your abdomen. If you want to lose fat from your stomach and chest, you need to have a caloric defecit (ie. eat less calories than you burn) and this will be helped by doing lots of cardio to increase your outgoing energy against the calories you consume. Head over to the Diet & Nutrition section for advice on your diet. Otherwise, stick to doing lots of cardio, running, rowing, cross trainer, etc. Doing weights will help also.

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