Stretch Marks

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2009/07/15 21:13:55 (permalink)

Stretch Marks

I know I know, not another stretch marks post! Don't worry I'll get it over with quick...

The last stretch marks post I read was just a few days ago and the general consensus was "learn to love them, it means you're growing...", but I'm just not down with that. Sure, there are a lot of guys on here who just want to be strong and maybe don't care about how they look, but I'd guess there's a hell of a lot more on here who hit the gym and eat 4000 calories a day because they want to improve their physique and the way they look. There's at least one new post on here everyday about gyno or acne issues, both of which have their solutions, but I'm yet to see much genuine discussion on stretch mark treatment. Yes, prevention is better than cure, but let's face it, for most of us it's too late... I for one have an ass like a tiger.

So what options are there both big and small?

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    Re:Stretch Marks 2009/07/15 21:15:47 (permalink)
    bio oil
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    Re:Stretch Marks 2009/07/15 21:18:50 (permalink)
    Stretch marks are actual physical damage to the skin tissue, once you have them they will not disappear, however they do fade over time.
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    Re:Stretch Marks 2009/07/16 08:55:44 (permalink)
    Can you elaborate on bio oil Dave?

    What about more extreme methods? I haven't heard of much confidence in creams and oils.
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    Re:Stretch Marks 2009/07/16 12:43:24 (permalink)
    Don't bother with bio-oil for existing stretch marks. Theres not much you can do to make them disappear. However i have heard of more extreme methods such as laser surgery, but i don't know that much about it. I would just learn to live with them, because i have found there really is nothing you can do once they have appeared. You never know though, maybe in 10 years time there will be some kind of cure for them.
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    Re:Stretch Marks 2009/07/16 17:09:41 (permalink)
    I suffer from bad stretch marks on my chest, so i oil up after bench and the following night. Has reduced mine, though, it's a little late now. One they fade they look a lot better, my chest marks are rediculous, and i don't worry anymore. Just got back from holiday and they look alot better and if i put fake tan on them then i doubt you would see them atall. Might sound gay but if you care that much, use fake tan :D.
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    Re:Stretch Marks 2009/07/16 17:49:32 (permalink)
    Moisturise and get a tan.  Not a cure but will help to make them less noticeable, which is all you can do.
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    Re:Stretch Marks 2009/07/16 18:43:47 (permalink)
    revitol is meant to be good, bit expensive though.

    ive got them all over my belly and bi's, make me depressed :(
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    Re:Stretch Marks 2009/07/16 19:11:23 (permalink)
    i use bio - oil they have faded abit but not much getting worse lol all down my left bicep and starting on my right. It doesnt look good but nothing you can do really just let them fade with time.

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    Re:Stretch Marks 2009/07/16 19:18:49 (permalink)
    Get ripped then bulk.
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